Manifesto, definition: A manifesto usually accepts a previously published opinion or public consensus or promotes a new idea with prescriptive notions for carrying out changes the author believes should be made. (wikipedia)

Our Time

Industrial civilization is rapidly destroying planetary life support systems. Its inhabitants’ prosperity, health and community are rapidly eroding, and adult generations have no clue how to really solve it. We are in the process of upgrading to the next model sustainable civilization, a shift even more profound than from monarchy to democracy. This requires inhabitants to no longer act as minions of monarchy or voters but as able, active, caring citizens. This is not a patch, but an entirely new Operating System that is Open Source and meshed with the Living Planet. Today’s genius Einsteins, Gandhis and Gryffindores are running on that new Operating System. Societal evolution is perfectly on time.

The solutions exist by the 1,000s. But, they require pertaining mind-, feel- and skillset to live and implement them.

The “new human model” is indisputedly embodied by teenage changemakers. They are recognized as hero*ines, role models, bedtime story protagonists, showered with our societies’ finest awards, celebrated in media, embraced across generations and cultures, booked as speakers at schools and events, and as mentors for their peers. Youth leaders are not an anomaly, not a movement, and not controversial. They begin to appear as mass phenomenon, and they are kind. They are the cavalry appearing right in the final moment as our world collapses. Repeat : societal evolution is on time. “You never change things by criticizing existing reality. To change something, create a new model that makes the current model obsolete.” – R. Buckminster Fuller

Stop staring at the toilet bowl of history. Instead, lift your head and see the shining new, and cultivate it.

Since young people are told to follow the hero*ine role models’ virtuous example – for the benefit of people and planet, society, their professional future, their families and future children, in order to fully unfold as a good human, and enjoy a rich and fulfilled life … all young people have the right to acquire, practice and evolve this mind-, feel- and skillset of teenage changemakers by growing up like them – with daily youth leadership. And the one and only place to convey and enable this is : school.

School is the one and only place to reach all youth. It is their daily hangout, and SCHOOL’S PURPOSE is to enable the young generation to live as able, active citizens of libertarian, democratic societies (withstanding violent dictatorships) that are also sustainable, in a harmoniously collaborating global family of nations. The obvious fact that adult generations are not able to live this at all is proof that conventional subject-oriented education does not nurture the require mind-, feel- and skillset. “The actions required are beyond any manifesto or any party politics. Once you have done your homework you realize we need a whole new way of thinking.“ Greta Thunberg, rEUnaissance Conference, Bruxelles, 21-2-2019 However, teachers and students at 16,000+ schools using the WE Schools youth leadership program testify that they do enthusiastically experience the “new” model with great win-win benefits for conventional subject teaching, learning and school culture.

Schools are ready. The solutions exist. The time is now.

Adult generations can hardly make this upgrade at grand scale due to rigid programming, outdated belief systems, addictive habits – and lack of spirit and TIME in their busy lives. Also, we simply cannot reach all adults to relevant degree. Adults’ role is to accept their generations’ achievements (shifting from fascism, and digging potatos from the mud to liberty, fridge, central heating and internet) as well as their incapacity of living the next level. We need adults to adopt an up-to-date positive worldview on the fantastic merits of today’s shining youth leadership and to get real about their new #1 priority : to support youth in making the upgrade!

Professions and institutions, schools, media, libraries and cities are required to provide an uplifting framework and content to nurture a climate of active citizenship in general and a culture of youth leadership in particular. no less but rather more prominent than “sports” and “celebrity”.  

We can empower this young Change Generation to create a world of peace, joy and abundance for all. 

It begins with knowledge of high impact youth leadership at sensational scale! Current student #climatestrikes make up less than 0.1% of the phenomenon, and – in their own words(!) – have yet achieved nothing tangible. The big magical merit is that at last people outside North America become aware of youth powers. You’ll be beyond excited to discover all the other stuff, which does evoke tangible changes. It begins with inspiration, followed by

  • connecting with the global changemaking strata via media and activities,
  • making it omni-present in our daily lives at home, school, in public, print and online media, and begin
  • living in real-time collaboration with today’s Gandhis and Gryffindores.

Today’s youth at school can grow up with it for their ten+ years, and thus evolve into a “new human model / species” of able, active, caring citizens – the creators, inhabitants and stewards of the next level collaborative society and sustainable civilization.

That is what we facilitate, from start to tender evolution and badass achievements.

Our concrete mission

is to spark youth leadership among our global young generation at school and beyond.

We want to see student-led “high impact student clubs” at 100,000+ schools in every city on Earth by 2025,

growing up in year-round real-time collaboration with the world’s finest teen and adult changemakers,

changing lives, laws, industries and learning culture like their famous peers,

teaming up with local adult allies, with win-win benefits for all,

and achieving the purpose of schooling.

To achieve our goal, we apply, combine and evolve world-leading approaches at the intersection of  youth leadership, education, media, active citizenship, parenting, transformational learning, next level collaborative society, sciences and cutures.

View details for each field

Youth leadership – high impact changemakers; boost, join, replicate initiatives; anchor it at school; run multiple activities year-round; create omni-presence at school, home, in public and media

Learning Culture – student-led, project-oriented learning; global issues come to life through authentic solution stories and hero role models; student club HQs as Informal Sustainability Learning Environments ISLEs 

Positive Change Media Culture – uplifting and empowering readers for high impact action; with meaning, relevance, purpose

Active Citizenship – involve adults at the workplace, in public; equip for cultivating youth leadership and generating positive news

Parenting & Family – teenage hero bedtime stories, profound conversations; friends & family activities for people and planet; support and team up at school and beyond 

Transformational Learning – role models shape 80% of human behavior; self-guided learning; partners and like-hearted community; feedback and self-assessment

Next Level Collaborative Society – No longer entranced minions of centralized totalitarian monarchy. No longer infantile voters of de-centralized special interest groups democracy. Now : level up to able, active, caring citizens of a distributed (democracy or sociocracy) collaborative society, in which (like blockchain, open-source) “each cell of the societal organism” is able (competent), caring (healthy, loving) and actively involved; this paradigm has set in, but many cells are unhealthy, toxic with trauma inherited from families born into earlier, hurtful societies.

“You never change things by criticizing existing reality. Instead, create a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” – R. Buckminster Fuller

Youth leadership nurtures the “operating system” of the “new human model”, co-creators, inhabitants, stewards and guardians of a global, peaceful, just, thriving and sustainable civilization of inner and outer peace, bliss and abundance.

Here’s how we approach it.


People are aware that our societies are suboptimal

and they even become aware of the gravity of loss of climate, prosperity, peace … but they lack access to solutions & support because their common sources of information do not communicate them, and for lack of Heart, the belief and trust in their own youth- and people-power … for lack of role models. 


Solutions, hero role models, tools, tricks and support are available in abundance. Changemakers are willing to help and train caring youth and adults. Also, many youth and adult allies are on fire to do their part as volunteers.

We connect today’s Einsteins, Gandhis and Griffindors with our global young generation at school, and caring adult allies – to empower everyone to boost and implement humanity’s finest people-powered solutions. By the way : That’s what the internet has been invented for. It’s ridiculously simple.


to bring their solutions, tools & services to humanity – plus we offer plenty of options for all caring people to get active – with instant impact on their lives and communities.


We highlight YOUTH LEADERSHIP as the crown jewel of changemaking, the most spectacular innovation and high potential game changer for humanity, once established at schools as High Impact Student Clubs, an evolved model of what already exists at 12,000 schools across North America.

We provide comprehensive know-how, practical examples of the essentials of Youth Leadership, as well as resources and support for cultivating it using simple, common sense steps

  • Presentation, Workshop, Poster Exhibit, High Impact Starter Actions, Media Monster, FUNdraising Mega Pack, Action Guides, Teaching Tools


We empower every caring citizen to get involved, as online / local volunteer, user, supporter, partner, with many win-win benefits as

writer, editor, translator for YL Magazine

messenger : giving presentations, organizing exhibits

donor, fundraiser, in-kind supporter of heroInes & local youth

professional users : teachers, journalists, activists …


we vividly tell the stories of outstanding Changemakers, using their rad, authentic materials and connect to their social media streams – with instant action opportunities!


We publish hero role model solution stories for various age and user groups – kids, teens, teachers, citizens, news audience, 

as book, coloring book, cardgame, poster set, calendar, vlog, magazine, social media, student planner … and top notch action and teaching tools  

in vivid, memorable, inspirational form

using heroInes authentic materials

conveying pure changemaker spirit


We tell the story of the rise of the Change Generation through the unfolding adventures of today’s teen, twen and adult heroInes to involve readers on the tidal wave of human evolution in real-time and give changemakers a proper medium for their message (undistracted by lipgloss and anal bleaching stories, like in mainstream media “targeting” youth)

solution stories

deep interviews

heroines’ columns

inspirational videos

change generation music

aligned with UN Action Days

  • shaping positive worldview
  • strengthening the feeling of change being “real”
  • enabling readers to get involved


HeroInes’ multimedia of various genres – music, videos, vlogs, podcast, hero social streams – in one place,

easy to find 

superb for newbies

one stop for all you need

for use in education and workshops

connect and follow them on social media

contribute superb stuff you know of


Feel their spirit, understand their solution, take action! Excellent for our activists, teachers, journalists, donors & our Warriors!

story, best videos, interviews, articles

social media links, latest news

level 1-4 actions, easy to advanced for greater impact


We promote proper media culture serving the purpose of mass media as macro-communication of our societies

uplifting our people

communication solutions

empowering the audience

involving the audience


our media

our youth and adult teams use it

Media Monster Pack

teaching tools

trainings for journalists and activists


we spread the spirit in person & through trainings based on good practice examples, with practical resources – posters, videos, etc – and equip inspired folks to do the same!


Inspire Others with the PRESENTATION PACK using our highlights on heroInes, solutions, videos, music, instant actions. 

Train Yourself with the YL CRASH COURSE. Learn about Youth Leadership, find favorite heroInes and causes, instant actions, reflect in feedback forms, learn about y/our tools. ZIP-ZAP! and newbies are ready to give a Presentation!

95% never knew of such youth power

… are inspired with hope and can-do feeling

… agree that this should be at all schools

Many want to get involved, start a team. Bingo!


Meet Heroines LIVE for ultimate inspiration, empowerment and training of school students and caring adults, on skype, at school, events, with options for workshops and more

with rich preparation materials – our media

enabling profound encounters – Q&A, plan, celebrate success

instant action options – for and with heroInes

follow-up opportunities – backed by our global tribe


by cultivating local youth leadership, supporting today’s HeroInes, meeting “live”, even planning projects together – with win-win benefits for personal & professional lives. Pure epic!


We enable caring citizens to support teen and twen+ heroInes with

high impact initiatives – feeling one’s agency

quick feedback on social media – see success unfold, feel part

with creative in-kind support options – add own ideas

meeting “live” online, for celebration, planning steps – be part

develop projects together, even go visit – become family

and benefitting supporters 

  • with can-do feeling and vocation
  • making positive change part of one’s daily life
  • inspiring workplace, community, upgrading one’s profession


We invite investment in local youth, through donations, in-kind, and face2face interaction 

Seed media at workplace, in public, libraries, schools

Raise funds at workplace, markets, fests, parks, online

Give presentations, organize exhibits

Support inspired youth teams

with win-win benefits for staff and trainees…


Also view LOCAL VOLUNTEERS - scroll down


at school & beyond, evoking massive impact – in year-round real-time collaboration with today’s Gandhis and Griffindors. This is historic.


makes youth leadership omni-present at school, enabling the entire generation to grow up with the worldview and skill-set of able, active, caring citizens of the next level good civilization

in class – bringing global issues to life with authentic hero role model stories and videos and activities

at school – as high impact student clubs, with HQ, and tons of inspirational activities reaching 100’s of students daily

as informal curriculum, inv. all teachers once per semester


  • evoking massive impact
  • upgrading learning culture
  • making teachers fel more fulfilled
  • helping achieve the purpose of schooling


empowers youth age 8-18 and caring Adult Allies to take year-round high impact action in real-time collaboration with badass changemakers, aligned with UN Days, weekly.

100+ hero/ines

400+ actions, easy to advanced

favorite causes and activities for everybody

student clubs serving the entire school community

credits, badges, level up for missions and impact made

usable as self-paced

  • youth leadership action training
  • education program
  • reality adventure game
  • changemaker community

YL Warriors commit to 3 Missions per month. A project, a FUNdraiser, a lifestyle challenge, and gain badges and credits for impact and headlines made.

They level up for 3 completed missions. 10+ levels per year. By the time they graduate from this real Hogwarts, it can be level 100. That’s 300 major actions taken with humanity’s finest.

Can you imagine their impact, experience, skills and spirit? A new ‘character class’ emerging on Earth. A new ‘species’.


uniting like-hearted young changemakers

for the ultimate training experience in epic natural setting; with badass heroInes, also mages, parents, adult allies

  • earning their way to camp through action
  • sharing their experiences, actions, needs
  • learning on global issues, tools, tricks, tactics
  • planning global campaigns 
  • followed up by actions, connected via internet


between newbies and heros, Youth Teams, Changemakers, Citizens & Partners.


with many stakeholders 

for boosting youth leadership, solutions, their initiatives

We team up for campaignsreaching into schools with our media and methods, empowering youth, citizens, their members

We tell their storiesonline, in vlog, print, for school, home, public, in several languages

We boost their work by donations, in-kind, partners, action and teaching tools, projects, promoting their services as Speaker

We want Youth Leadership at every school on Earth

and since you want it too, we welcome you aboard. 


and do what their Heart yearns to do – for youth, people & planet. A single person can connect with 1 town, 10+ schools, 100+ flyer locations, 1,000 inspired people – and follow up, or let things evolve. They certainly will.


Inspired Citizens are equipped, empowered, supported

to spread the spirit of youth leadership

  • to schools, workplace, organizations, in public …
  • using flyers, micromags, posters, exhibits
  • offering presentations, workshops, LIVE meetings
  • able to support inspired teams, informally
  • network with local partners (media, organizations, shops…)

taking the Crash Course as super quick training


participate casually from their homes, making contributions to YOUTH-LEADER MAGAZINE. 

research, write, translate, edit, web edit

social media wizardry, artists, design

run national editions

come up with own ideas and activities

At times, we have 100’s of active OVs, attracted 1,000s, up to 10% of global UN OVs, scoring two prestigious UNOV awards, and blissing our supportive angels with lovely benefits

  • meaning, learning, vocation, impact, tools
  • interacting with famous badass changemakers
  • experience in their field
  • getting published, reference
  • friends, global tribe of hearts


to make youth and life on Earth priority #1 with zero distraction or delay by BS from incompetent inhabitants of failing earlier societies. #SpeedRun

His warrior spirit comes in handy for those who really want to LEVEL UP!

We empower all conscious humans to live their truth and responsibility as sister and brother to the animals, as child of the divine, AS ADULT“a guardian of this magnificent living planet, for the little ones to grow up in with peace, love and magic, protecting the gentle, vulnerable ones from abuse, from polluting their minds and hearts” – and find redemption. So … I demand that you do that. You’ll love the rewards.

#NoMoreHumanAsUsual #BeMoreAwesome 

Besides, Harry and Hermione, 99% of cultures agree – reincarnation is a fact. So, you will be back within 100 years. You literally define in this lifetime how you will spend your next lifetimes. On a scorched planet – or in peaceful, thriving communities enjoying inner and outer peace, bliss and abundance : Paradise. Ron … are you listening?!

#TryThisAtHome #MakeSchoolAwesome




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