Would you like to truly make positive change part of your daily life?

Not irrelevant clicks, or protests, but tangibly changing lives, land, laws, learning and industries – like badass hero*ines do, even together, and activating considerable part of the young generation? Then YL is for you.

You will definitely find new, fresh, exciting opportunities – as citizen, teen, student, group, institution – in your preferred way – casual as a fan, as avid user, student clubber, or full-time warrior, as coach, volunteer, adult ally or partner …

Pick your pace and favorite causes.

Would you enjoy ...

  • to get to know 100+ real-life hero*ines
  • to wield 400+ high impact solutions
  • to find support for your favorite causes
  • to meet caring people like you all over Earth, online and onsite

to rallye your friends …

  • and form a team, a Changemaker Student Club
  • to organize multifaceted activities year-round
  • to activate your city’s and region’s youth and citizenry
  • to activate school or workplace for cooperation with hero*ines

to, even as newbie, swiftly …

  • unfold your skills, your Inner Hero*ine, heart and dreams
  • achieve milestones and set new records in your country
  • shape the future of entire regions

to launch own projects

  • on causes you love
  • to restore life, joy, abundance around you
  • to build yourself a good future, with good reputation and relations

together with a global light-hearted community with ace spirit – no chitchat, greenwashing, politics, foes or fear – but a bright outlook for the future?

… like you see here …

Then be part.

You decide what you do, how often and when. Here are common general activities.

Do you see something that speaks to you right away? There is much more. 

People are always surprised about the scope and abundance and say “this should be at all schools” Exactly. This is the real Hogwarts!

Get some cookies, a drink – and discover the grandiose world that hundreds of thousands of young changemakers today are already living, while others feel frustrated, alone and helpless. Briefly said, YL offers you this …

Discover solutions and what you can do

to take successful initiatives to the next level, inter/nationally

Activate school, friends, professions

with media, tools and tricks that involve and inspire people for action

Join and start projects

for your city, region, the planet – also in collaboration with your hero*ines and world experts

Get 24/7 support

from changemakers and YL Coaches, online, as speaker, at workshops and summer camps



Here are just some examples of the spheres of life and activities.

By Oneself

acting on favorite causes using our resources

Friends Crews

taking on big projects

Student Clubs

activating their school for lots of action

Warrior Clans

living change as a sport, 24/7 like athletes

In the Family

Inspire, converse, act together

Activate Workplaces and Professions

1. Employees
2. Professionals

Activate School and create LearnSpaces

for youth leadership, planning projects and taking action


1. Global Hero*ines
2. Support Local Youth

Act as YL Coach

Guide Crash Courses, seed infos, network, support inspired youth

Online / Volunteer

Write, translate, communicate

Become a Partner

1. NGOs
2. Changemakers
3. Cities, Companies, Celebrities
4. Media

Plus your ideas

YL is designed to make positive change part of all spheres of your life.

Personal + professional, from family to workplace and week-ends, so you can keep your heart, priorities, passion and vision open, to be your true self at all time – to live life with integrity – to enrich and uplift you at all times of the day, to boost purpose, fun, reach and impact, and to activate others

It is precisely what our world needs to achieve the shift to the world we all love to see.

Here is what people say.

The most inspirational videos I’ve ever seen. I never knew young people could do this. This gives me so much hope.

I knew youth are doing stuff, but this is spectacular. I’m particularly amazed by the effect that it has on my younger siblings. I am floored by the potentials.

The epitome of youth leadership. 

The most energized lesson ever. Even the most quiet students had something to say. This is what school should always be like.

All students and teachers agree: the exhibit was the best thing at the school action day.

Two hours ago, I had no clue. Now I feel absolutely ready to run big campaigns.

I am sure this will appeal to almost all students age 12 and up. No, 5 and up.

Your kind of thinking is very rare.

The stuff that makes you say ‘sign me up!’

So, there’s definitely something for you.

And all of it interconnects and interacts in near-magical ways … you will love experiencing it in action!

The step from inspiration to action happens swiftly – in 1 day.



Discover what today’s teens are doing, also at school + how you can be part, boost and spread Youth Leadership.


with YL via social media, newsletter, magazine. This is how you learn more on-the-go.


Here we go!

Choose your favorite starter actions. Some take only seconds.

Observe others’ reactions, build first community and build on it.



Explore your new abundance of opportunities in the Tutorial and Crash Course.


With your knowledge of tools and partners and first experiences you can already move grand things. Be it ending abuse in your city, creating edible landscapes, raising a million dollars, ending the shark trade – we are with you.

How do you learn a new genre of music, a new sport?

… by getting to know the fantastic beings and magical beast

In fact, it begins like Harry Potter, LoL, Lord Of The Rings

… by getting to know the fantastic beings and magical beasts.

This takes a few hours of film or reading, and then you know exactly what Harry, Hermione, Ron, Hagrid, Dumbledore, Legolas, Aragorn, Galadriel, Gandalf, Frodo mean, what they feel like – and this uplifts your heart whenever you think of them … gentle, hilarious or badass. You will know LoL champions’ skills and ultis, and what spells Greta fires.

Our Crash Course is a tour of the real Hogwarts School of Magic with real hero*ines, real magic wands and tricks that you can learn to wield, people you can meet and places you can visit, boss battles you can take on.

The names Xiuhtezcatl, Ocean, Mary, Avalon, Alisha, Babar, Emma and Julia, Rachel, Griff, Nerdygirls, The Serratos Sisters, Lactatia … will gain epic ring in your mind, make your heart soar … and you will forever remember and know what they stand for. And what you can do with them.

At YL, we get to live this for real,

in hi-res and real-time collaboration with today’s Gandhis and Gryffindores, shaping the story of your life and the future of all of us and Life on Earth.

Who would possibly choose to settle for less, sit idle and continue to suffer from today’s abominations at home, school, in our streets at night and on Earth?

Our global tribe unites to wield humanity’s finest knowhow to create a world of awesome for all, with tons of win-win benefits for everyone involved.

For Youth, #BeMoreAwesome 

is a boombastic changemaker training program in 24/7 real-time collaboration with 100+ grand changemakers. It equips you with their tools, tricks and 400+ actions to join their missions – changing lives, land, laws, industries – at your pace, aligned with your passion, lifestyle, setting, and scoring badges and levels for your CV. 

Can you imagine your awesomeness after years of living this way? This is a must for all conscious youth to unfold their skills to create a world of awesome, the splendid future they deserve and lead a life of joy, passion, friendship, love, liberty, making their passion a profession. #AlwaysWinning

Living every day like this ...

For Adults, the YL Boost! Club

offers countless creative options to boost global young changemakers as well as local youth leadership – through donations, funding, lots of fresh, fun, fascinating ways of in-kind support, online / volunteering, teaming up as project partner … in the family, at work, in your profession and in public – tuned to your priority causes and regions.

This is a blessing for every caring citizen to uplift their daily work and to live their adult role as guardian of this magnificent world.

Plus – get your hands full of novel, world-class tools and tactics to create LearnSpaces, to live the SDGs in action, to act as YL Coach, with UNESCO and United Nations University status, activate entire cities … with methods successfully applied on all 7 continents. Banish the terms impossible and hopeless from your vocabulary, embrace your dreams and #BeMoreAwesome.

Let me show you around.

Take the tour to discover

  • the most amazing youth initiatives on Earth
  • essential aspects of high impact youth leadership
  • changemaker student clubs
  • the role of adults


  • YL tools, tricks, support network, project partners, programs …
  • swift actions for youth / for adults
  • ways of forming alliances with all sorts of people
  • access to funding


1 Online Exhibit

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2 Tutorial

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Ready to roll!

3 Swift Activities

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Upgrade complete!

Certification as YL Coach

Warrior access

And thus begins the grand adventure of your life

with year-round real-time action with the greatest genius visionary changemakers of our time, surfing the tidal wave of human civilization, creating the next-level GOOD society and restoring peace, bliss and abundance for all – Paradise. That is what we do, as you unfold your inborn creative powers and live your good dreams

for your next decades on Earth!

The choice is yours.

“All honorable people belong to the same tribe.” Uncle Tubulls