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Amazing, huh?

Take a little tea pause.

It’s so exciting to see how much LOVE youth have for fellow human beings, animals and the planet, what projects youth can LEAD, how they TEACH younger peers at school.

Also what new concepts and messages they bring into the world. Just think of Craig, Lulu, Xiuhtezcatl … oh, X, music and mobilizers are yet to come. And so much more!

Please tell us how you feel about what you've seen so far.



We are curious what changemakers you know!

We’d love to know of more youth, and also adults, that run initiatives that can inspire and help others achieve their aspirations for people and planet.

Tell us of a Young Changemaker


We tell the stories of changemakers in YOUTH-LEADER Magazine, include some in our educational media and programs, and seek ways to support their initiatives. So, your ‘tip’ can go a long way. Let’s all do our part.