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play an important role.

In North America, is it common to meet teen and adult changemakers LIVE at school, events and via skype.
In North America, is it common to meet teen and adult changemakers LIVE at school, events and via skype.

This is how Craig and Xiuhtezcatl have started their enormous movements.

Teachers appreciate them as role models.

Students get inspired and form local crews.

What we know from music and sports is true here also :

  • nothing is more inspiring than to experience ”stars” live
  • to feel their energy
  • to hear insights and anecdotes
  • Q&A
  • planning activities
  • celebrating achievements together


Young people want to help. and by God the world needs it. (maybe book quote)

We give young people the tools and support they need to (use from their website) Craig, WE Schools



Global learning

in the classroom and service-learning powered by student clubs

Charitable fundraising

for global partner projects, holistic sustainable development

Local peace, poverty reduction

with special focus on youth, homeless, aboriginal populations

Volunteer visits

as youth, crews and families

Signature Event : WE Day

uniting active 300,000 youth, 30,000 teachers with social, music, sports celebrities, reaching millions via tv and online

Girl Scouts of America


Social & environmental service

Fundraising, cookie sales

Activities and projects

Challenges & Badges

Roots & Shoots


Global nature & wildlife

Local groups


Earth Guardians

social justice movement

self organized outside schools, informal registrration, video meeting


Artivism, Campaigns

50 Ways Sustainable Lifestyle

Signature : Music!

Signature : Indigenous Culture


Okay, great, I want this, of course.

I know that I can include role models and solution stories in my subject teaching, and charitable activities on occasion.

I am a good teacher, but not an animator.

I am happy to give some extra time for this, but I cannot run this. Students will have to run this.

I wish to see this happen, but my time is limited,

so I need that students can self-organize activities.

I love it, but we don't have such organizations here.

I need tools and methods to activate students and partners.
How inspire students in their diversity of interests?

How empower inspired students to self-organize activities?

How can they sustain inspiration and flow of activities?

Where do they find support?

And how can I get this started, informally, with my class, my couple of teacher friends who share my views, and with our limited financial resources?

We hear you. We design our programs with all these thoughts in mind,

to connect you to organizations as above, and provide additional things you need … plus extra magical stuff!


YL Change Generation Rising

Idea : Boost the initiatives and implement their solutions of your favorites of 100+ hero*ines – several at a time, as many as you like, making enormous impact, inspiring peers and citizens, with live support by hero*ines and YL staff.

Full spectrum of changemaking activities at school and beyond. at school, because this is where to reach all youth, daily, for years.

Like a sport, wielding basic moves, scoring success, then freestyling.


Changemaker student clubs.

If 1-2 per class join, that’s 20-100 members, a formidable force. Each follow their passion, form focus teams, help others when needed.

Focus areas :

Charitable fundraising

with focus on FUN


books, games, LEGO, skates
for partners abroad and locally

For Animals

for partners abroad

Restore biodiversity

for partners abroad

Plant food

Your content goes here.

Vegan Living

Your content goes here.

Nature, culture, magic

hike, tales, document

Media production

in positive news media culture, own magazine, radio, youtube and partners


music, art, theatre

Grand campaigns

with today’s Gandhis

Field Partners

Take their high impact initiatives to inter/national scale


gather, learn, bond, plan

Warriors, healers, planters, weirdos, wonders, secret agents …

are united under one banner. Their choose their pace – casual as Friends Crew – constant as Student Club – full-time as Warrior Clan. There are also special roles.


act full-time like athletes, commit to 3 missions per month

Badges, credits, levels

earned for completed missions, headlines and impact made.
Level up for 3 missions

Youth Coaches

Focus on inspiring and mentoring younger peers, kids at kindergarten, elementary school, orphanages; option as middle, high school, college semester project, document, gain credits
(Equivalent to adult YL Volunteer)

special signature

all based on hero*ines’ model solutions

special signature

live collab with heroines

special signature

activate all citizens by their passion with win win benefits

special signature

re-define and upgrade clubs, learning culture, media, adulthood
Instant actions
What young people say
Form student club, set up HQ, use exhibit, organize lemonaid stands at school and in public … simply following the example of their peers.
Starting with the basics, like with a new sport, and taking ever greater steps, then freestyle.
They share their achievements via social, news and YL media to grow reach, impact and community
They meet live with feelow teams around the globe, with changemakers and YL staff for tips, tricks and launching campaigns together
Students can do a little bit, occasionally, regularly or full-time, aligned with their schedules and priorities.
They can also gain badges, credits, levels, as a mirror of their skills and character, for the fun of it, and for develooping a vividly illustrated CV of value for their future professional path.
Adults have supportive roles. Teachers, parents, citizen volunteers
Partners like city, organizations, business … win-win benefits
All this is available for you to use.

So, if you are intrigued by the idea of getting involved in (your favorites of) the whole spectrum of causes, changemakers, ideas and ventures that you have seen in this exhibit – Change Generation Rising is for you. Eric, YOUTH-LEADER

Do you know a remarkable youth leadership program? Please tell us about it

One more thing…


for young changemakers

(are a rare thing!)

Time at school with changemaker student clubs is great.

But how enjoy one’s HOLIDAYS?

Summer camps are tricky.

Which changemaker wants to spend time who don’t share one’s passion for people and planet? Sports camps are not satisfying.

And what about staying in touch with newly won friends? 

For young changemakers there’s a new kind of exciting camps, where they meet their kind AND real heroInes, learn about global issues, methods, explore nature in adventurous excursions, vegan cuisine, yoga, bodywork and bushcraft, unfold talents and potentials, develop campaigns and stay in touch after camp via internet and projects.

YEA Youth Empowered Action CAMP, USA

is a unique and inspiring summer leadership program for youth 12-17 who want to make a difference in the world. A week-long sleep-away program in a beautiful camp location, YEA is designed to be a fun and transformative experience that builds life-long friendships between youth with similar interests in bettering their community and society.

Canada and USA

unites WE Team members (and newbies?) to deepen their knowledge of global issues, learn methods, project planning, unfold talent, and enjoy community

Europe, Global

unites youth active in Change Generation Rising in epic nature setting to discover the planet & protect the planet.

Well experienced on global issues and projects through CGRISING, campers experience a crackling  immersion in nature with like-hearted youth, learn, share, bond, heal, plan inter/national campaigns with new allies.

Epic staff : YL crew, hero*ines, adventurers and surprise guests

Options for cool changemaker parents to be part!

“With such skills

LIFE is wide open.”

Do you know of a youth leadership camp? Please tell us about it