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Hiya! I’m Eric, curator of this exhibit. I’m giving a few comments during your tour, so you don’t feel all alone. You’re not. We’re all here, well alive and kicking, and you can connect and work with many of the hero*ines you meet today.

It is likely that you have awakened to “youth power” by recent news media coverage on youth yelling at governments to protect their lives – with little practical results. But what if teens have been changing lives, laws, industries at record scale for thirty years, little noticed by news media and the global public?

What if countless young changemakers have made tangible impact, without waiting for politics? What if they have achieved what their televised peers yet haven’t : making “creating a good world for all” part of learning culture at 16,000 schools? What if everybody can do like them?!

Over the past 10, 20 years, young and adult changemakers have built up the resources, methods and support networks that caring kids, parents, teachers, journalists, everybody seek.

I think that the world should know. And people should feel it – so they remember. And they shall have options to get involved, instantly. And understand how to start it locally.


Because we have a planet to save. Every day, we are losing 150 species. Do you know what, for them, extinction feels like? And for their Mama, the living conscious organism of Planet Earth? Do you know what it feels like for human mamas to see their children wither in trauma, bullying, gun violence, lack of dreams?

This exhibit shows you teens healing all of that. I thought you should know. Because, if teens can do this in one place, teens everywhere can. 100,000 kids around you may want to do that. In fact, your country’s mayors and teachers may want it, as they see peace and prosperity dissolve.

Here, you find “all you need” to spark high impact youth leadership at every school, workplace, at home and in your profession. I thought, you may like that.

When you enter an exhibit

you expect a rich experience, right? Not just a half dozen items.
And today, with films and music, too. Cool museums have interactive items, too.

Hence, expect quality. And volume.

A rich exhibit

has a bunch of collections, or it would not be complete.
This does not mean that you have to look at every single item in detail, right?

Hence, stroll through the rooms, take it all in, focus on your favorites. You can come back.

You are here for a reason

to get inspired and empowered for Youth Leadership.
You are on a visit to the real Hogwartsz, a school of magic for creating a world of good.

It’s stunning from the outside, but it gets really spectacular and amazing on the inside, when you immerse yourself and interact with its magical creatures and secrets. You can even wield magic, make instant impact, and take home magic wands – to wield in your life. You may be on fire to join or launch an epic project tomorrow.

A visit to The Louvre is going to leave you tired.

This multimedia journey into the fascinating world of youth leadership is stunning, mentally and emotionally intense.

You’ll spend time with the new species of youth living the spirit of “it is our planet, our future, and we will protect it, no matter what.” Like Frodo, Ron, Harry and Hermione, they cannot close their eyes to the Deatheaters and demise. They act on it, step into their power and they achieve! It will touch and blow up your heart real big and make it beat real hard. That’s good.

So get some drinks to juice up!

Get a snack, too.

If you fully immerse yourself in the experience, if you feel their love, their tears, their fortitude and song, it means that you open up the same feelings and qualities in you. Your Inner Hero*ine awakens. We train our volunteers with a tweaked version., so they can bring all this bliss to thousands around them. It works.

Isn’t that exactly what you wish for humanity?

If you ever yearned for a new society of able, active, caring citizens that no longer vote and wait, but rightaway implement solutions, change lives, laws, learning culture, media, make schools awesome … lay everything aside, and spend a day in the company of today’s Gryffindores. You can take kitchen breaks. We’re open 24/7.

I guarantee you, it comes with rich rewards. Enjoy the Experience!

Photos belong to featured changemakers, contributed for educational purpose for people and planet. Printed poster sets for exhibits are available.