We need your help to find extraordinary teen and adult changemakers.

We’re doing pretty great, but marvellous changemakers are popping up at record pace, and we cannot be everywhere on Earth. especially in non-English regions. So here’s your chance to make a great addition to YL, the changemakers and the people impacted by their solution. Yay!

Nominated changemakers usually get covered in our news media, and some get into our global or national sets of posters, educational media, leadership programs and speakers platform.

So make sure to nominate, it can make a big difference. Thank you for caring!

Before you get started – please observe our benchmark.

Our Benchmark Of Selection

There’s a million people out there who do good things, but it doesn’t make sense to feature them all, or do what others already do. Hence, we have a very special approach to selection.

First of all, what do planet and people need right now?

We need tangible solutions. Words are fine, and we need dreams, but for them to become real, nice words and single person messiahs are not enough. What’s needed are proven solutions for creating peace, joy and abundance for all, that are communicated in ways that they inspire, educate, equip and empower people to join, scale and implement.

Our benchmark is a mix of these characteristics

  1. powerfully implemented model solution
  2. replicable by young / people everywhere
  3. well visually documented on the web
  4. available by email or skype

So we talk of a solution that should reach everybody, because it is outstanding in its field and feasible. But also, which is well visually documented – because a brief text or passport photo do not inspire, not convey the steps of action, not make it memorable or shareable. Short inspirational videos, or a dozen photos – in action! – like micro documentaries, is what we need. They convey the spirit, the how-to and make it memorable forever.

You will find that this mix is not always available.

That’s ok. Try your best. Just understand, that a nomination does not mean that an active person doing good things naturally gets into our news media, educational media, poster collections, books or speakers platform.


Know someone? So exciting. Let us know!
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Are you inspired by what you feel and think when viewing our media, website etc? We’d appreciate to hear from you. It makes our day, and also of others. Thank you.


We are curious to know what’s (not) going on in terms of youth leadership in your town, region, country … and what are the problems and potentials. Maybe you’re even on fire to take some simple steps using our magic.