As Youth – hero videos and stories in english, spanish and other lessons + student clubs taking weekly actions, changing lives, laws and industries + meeting live with teen heroInes and grand changemakers of today + living your values, making great friends, evolving ace skills, feeling awesome, confident about the future + having hero books at home and interacting with them on the internet and apps …

As Adult – the same, at your workplace, organization, for your family, and feeling the impact you have on the world, the people and community around you, on yourself …

That’s good for daily life, for the planet, and it comes with many exciting surprises.

“The future of all species alive today and generations to come depend on the people alive right now.”

With YL, there will be moments where your knowledge makes and impact. Sign up and explore. You’re sure to discover some amazing things that add value to your life. Thank you.

Whether a total beginner, working mom or hot rod changemaker, a Hobbit or student of magic … YL and CG RISING are designed to add fun, friends, purpose, personal growth, skills, adventure and opportunity to your life. It’s what keeps you going, what you deserve for doing good for people and planet – and makes you an ever greater changemaker.

These evident, instant steps reach 100’s and inspire more users. Next, users follow their inspiration, creating first tangible impact…

Scroll down to view natural follow-ups by Youth, Teachers, Adults, Professionals and Organizations. You may be surprised at the scope…


Take Action with Friends

and take action on your favorite causes, with fun and adventure

Form a Student Club

for constant presence and activities reaching and involving the entire school community

Choose from 100's of Actions

with fav causes and actions for everybody, Level 1-4, easy to advanced, short- and long-term, at home and abroad

Join Epic Changemakers

for spreading mega innovations shaping history

Present at School/s

inspiring 1,000’s of youth, sparking more clubs, building your team, community and movements

Develop Projects & Campaigns

enabling youth to turn new-found inspiration into massive action

Organize Exhibits

at school, libraries, events and public, add presentations, films and actions

Interact Vividly with Our Social Media

making changemaking part of your daily life as part of our global community

Share Your Actions and Achievements

and be on the map, inspiring others

Earn Badges and Develop a CV of Awesome

of real world value for your educational, idealist and professional paths

Are You Here to Protect People and Planet?

Make changemaking your full-time sport in the most epic leadership program on the planet

Simple. Fun. First impact. That’s how youth succeed in thousands of schools. All it takes is to enjoy a bunch of fascinating videos, stories and our tools, tricks and partners. Depending on how you tick, you’ll find your own cool access points to making use of this for adding fun and value to your daily life at school, home, online and beyond. Then, adventure begins, changing lives, laws, industries, using simple tricks for boosting impact and getting into media.


Support Your Kids

to follow their heart and do good for animals, people and planet – in small and gigantic ventures


financing and seeding media, informing teachers, giving presentations as YL MESSENGER, offering support on-demand for inspired youth teams

Mobilize Your Workplace

with fundraisers, projects, campaigns, adopting schools, mentoring inspired youth teams, offering prizes … using poster sets, actio calendars, skype meetings …

Use For Your Profession

as journalist, teacher, librarian, public servant, entrepreneur, business, grocery store, hotel, wealth holder…

Be Present in Public

with stands, fundraisers, exhibits, using our poster sets, actions, tipps, tricks and trainings

Follow Our Year-Round Stream of Activities

to learn-on-the-go and get involved spontaneously, actively sharing in your community for greater impact

Donate and Fundraise for Grand Impact

for boosting youth leadership in your city, a region of your choice, outstanding heroInes and groundbreaking YL programs

Parents, citizens, volunteers, everybody loves it. The sense of purpose, hope, agency and impact that it adds to life inspires them to take bigger steps at their workplace, and taking responsible roles as YL Messengers, founding local Chapters, mentoring inspired youth, as well as generating robust finance for activating regions, realizing special YL programs and heroInes’ dreams.

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Make Changemaking Omni-Present in Class

collaborate with your YL Team, for add-ons, micro-exhbit “HeroInes of the Month”, UN Day presentations

Use as Add-On to Bring Global Issues to Life & Inspire Colleagues to Do the Same

making youth leadership integral part across the curriculum

Organize a Session on Youth Leadership

inspiring the entire class, shaping positive worldview, respect, appreciation and support for active students (ending eco-slut shaming) sparking instant action, forming a team managing year-round actions

Add a Session on Project and Campaign Development

using our fabulous Roadmap, Action Guides and Magic Trick Cards

Encourage Presentations and Exhibits at School/s

turning their sessions’ experience into action, reaching and upgrading the entire school community

Organize Presentations to Younger Peers

at Elementary Schools, becoming a role model, sparking more teams, fundraisers, book drives…

Make Changemaking Integral Part of Learning Culture

aligned with UN Days, across subjects and grades

Make the School Fest an Action Fair Getting Parents Involved

and inspired for taking action as Adults, Professionals and Organizations (see other sliders)

Establish a Field Partnership

with young heroInes around the planet, actions on both sides, see your support’s fruits as success unfolds, even visit, document and scale the campaign

Implement Curricula on Peace, Environment, Plastic...

bringing global issues to life … with a huge range of exciting activities, documenting and sharing actions and creative products online with the global community … improving inner peace, academic performance, active citizenship

Use World Expert Websites as Online Learning Environments

each student researching a part, presenting to class, co-creating a kaleidoscope of meaning

Use Sensational Music, Musical and Theatre

inspiring students with Change Generation Sound and Spirit, perform, record, upload and compose your own, inspire audiences like never before, combine with action …

View User Feedback across age groups and cultures. Here is what teachers in the WE Schools program report:


OF TEACHERS feel more professionally fulfilled


OF TEACHERS discover leadership skills in their students


OF STUDENTS experience higher self-confidence


OF STUDENTS take action on favorite causes

“The most energized lesson ever. Even the most quiet ones had something to say.
Students are asking how they can get involved.”

Students’ amazing response to stories and videos, their shared feeling of unity and positive vision, and their intrinsic motivation for follow-up activities inspires teachers to explore further activities for use in subjects, our views on today’s image of youth, the role of schools, high impact student clubs, youth powered informal sustainability learning environments (ISLEs) and how to make self-organized youth leadership part of learning culture with new, groundbreaking benefits. View how our Messengers empower your students, and how teachers and schools use our tools and programs.

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Share with all members, employees & involve their families

via digital newsletter, print copies, gifts, Christmas…

Present to Your Youth Chapters

so they become universal changemakers, and support inspired actions, also beyond your own focus

Present at Schools

to activate the young generation, cultivate a changemaking climate and strengthen support for your initiatives

Use as Journalist

on UN Days of the week, creating constant presence of solutions, youth and citizen power, involving the citizenry

Use as Teacher

to enable the young generation to become able, active citizens – thereby living up to the purpose of schooling and adding sense, meaning, joy and purps to your daily life

Organize Co-creative Meetings

inspiring people with our media, giving voice to what changes they wish to see and how they can contribute

Seed YL Media to all Classrooms of Your District or City

with your favorite additional offers – mentoring, prizes, project development workshops, staff accompanying campaigns, …

Offer Prizes for High Impact Youth Crews

with your favorite additional offers – mentoring, prizes, project development workshops, staff accompanying campaigns, …

Establish Strong Alliance with Young Hero Field Partners

… sensational rising stars, famous but lacking financial support in their low-income countries

Motivated by instant positive feedback from colleagues, members, clients and youth, as well as seeing their efforts’ impact coming to life in field partners’ social media, people quickly realize the potentials of advanced use of our media and methods, of investing in youth leadership in their cities through seeding media, presentations, workshops, mentoring, assigning staff to work with YL youth teams, and to develop partnerships with us.

Your life is buzy. Sign up. You’ll discover precious opportunities.

Isn’t this sweet?

Easy actions, positive feedback, first impact, pure bliss and fun. Are you curious what our Tools, Tricks and Action Guides make possible?

  • inspire a group to make youth leadership part of their life
  • reach 100’s by spreading digital media on social media, and newsletters of companies and NGOs
  • reach 1000’s by distributing our media to your district’s schools, cafes and waiting rooms
  • organize an exhibit on young heroInes at school, libraries, events, building community and impact
  • set up a fundraiser, exhibit or presentation at school or work in support of teen heroInes around the planet
  • enable a group to design massive campaigns and projects, following the footstops of wildly successful peers



  • found vegan clubs at schools, like Chloe at age 14
  • create a viral video on yukky food ingredients, like Coral at age 7
  • learn change generation music, inspiring peers for action, like Xiuhtezcatl at age 13
  • organize a book drive scoring 1,000 books for kids in need, like Emma and Julia at age 13
  • make water a human right, keep it public and ban bottled water in your city – like Robyn at age 13
  • make $100-1,000 simply by selling cake, cookies and lemonade, or $2,000 a day – like Lulu at age 12
  • establish a grease-recycling venture making $1,000-5,000 a month, taking a weekly walk – like Cassandra at age 10
  • launch a campaign for ending the hurtful palm oil industry, like Madi and Rhiannon at age 12
  • create backyard habitats for frogs, toads and butterflies, like Avalon at age 9
  • create a school or vertical garden, like Alicia at age 6

AND LOADS MORE. Then there’s the adult changemakers to work with, shaping history. It’s epic!

Imagine this at every school, in media, organizations and businesses.
You now have it in your hands.

As you start it in your sphere of influence, with passion, it will start cascading throughout your city and region. Why? Because everybody hopes for it.

It’s really that simple. Just do it. Epicness follows:


Make changemaking your sport, with weekly actions, 24/7 interaction with our global hero community, making headlines, earning badges, honors, creating a CV of awesome and living a magical life of unlimited opportunity!


Spread, boost, facilitate and support youth leadership as part of our global team, with ample opportunity for self-responsible activities aligned with your passion, interests, even benefts for your professional path.


Team up for boosting the game-changing phenomenon of youth leadership with your capacity, skill and priviledge – and lift humanity to the next level of civilization, with rich benefits for your aspirations


With you, we work on establishing this at every school. in media, in public, and empower youth and their families for year-round action. Imagine the impact, excitement, experiences, contacts, opportunities … coming as gift and rewards.

We intentionally create the tools and architecture, so that youth and adults caring for people and planet giving their most precious – love, time and spirit – benefit for their personal, idealist and professional paths. Who else but them should be in positions of influence? The memories, experience, skills, media presence and quality contacts are already massive, but we want to give you more, a tangible, official seal of quality that’s known throughout the world:

Change Generation Rising – our education and leadership program, offers open badges for accomplished missions, visual documentation in your own social media stream : you in action, with changemakers, with mayors, stakeholders, in news media and on television – yes, like our HeroInes.

  • Everybody can complete defined changemaking activities can score pertaining badges and create vivid visual documentation for future reference at schools and business.

Those making it their full-time sport, like athletes reap special benefits:

  • YL WARRIORS level up monthly through 3 completed missions : 1 project, 1 fundraiser and 1 lifestyle challenge. From age 8-18, in 10 years, they can ascend to Level 100. Can you imagine meeting a YL Warrior Level 60, with 180 completed missions? Imagine the impact and headlines s/he has generated, making them well known among stakeholders, journalists, mayors, citizens and kids throughout the city or nation.

This “CV” helps young changemakers and cultural creatives open doors and clear their way into society.


In the end, it’s simply about living the values and feelings that we love about our favorite adventure movies and novels.

The youth in our program are living the great adventure of our time. We’d like to have you with us. Whether as fan, observer, ally or full-time athelete. The world needs you. Are you joining?