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imagery : species and coming generations are speaking to you.

followed by : we have good news for you. the solutions exiost, the yare powered by ordinaty people and local city councils. it rerquires a lishglt yidfferent way of looking at the world. it is not complicated.

Look at it in action here

Learn more about the community apoproach making it happen everywhere (life with yl)

Learn about it intrioduced and evolving at school reaching ALL young people for years

Learn about the societal shift we are in right now. many people dont see the fortest for the trees. we’ll explian the big picture and you’ll recognize this new poaradigm emering around you, different from what was before. The one remianing thing to upgrade is citizenship, how we identify, act and collaborate as citizens. it’s already being done by many, so : you will be able to do it also. what’s needed is our will, to say not to their inherited hurtful dysfunctional hurtful old, and say yes to the fresh,m thriving, enjoable new. 

this is the hardest thing, for a percentage of the population. it shd not be for you.


We aim to give everybody

  • 100’s of proven people-powered model solutions for everything to implement at record speed and scale
  • for water, soil, food, peace, health, community, education, media, law, governance, ecosystem restoration …
  • told in the right way through the vivid stories of inspirational teen, twen and adult changemakers

with focus on


  • teachers and journalists
  • workplace and professions
  • to inspire and support youth leadership

to boost young hero*ines

to take their initiatives to inter/national scale

to boost youth leadership in their city and region


  • especially at school
  • high impact changemaker student clubs
  • to implement solutions for people and planet

to grow up implementing solutions

in real-time collaboration with humanity’s finest changemakers

daily for ten+ years at school

… to develop the new Operating System of the next level collaborative society

  • outgrowing infantile voters in a hacked (obsolete special interest group) democracy
  • maturing to sovereign able, active, caring citizens
  • live as inhabitants, co-creators and stewards of a global, peaceful, just, thriving and sustainable, a sacred civilization

as embodied by the living example of today’s teen and adult changemakers


relies on communication and doing.

Hence, we provide

  • a variety of media, methods and services
  • to convey solutions and to support users in their implementation
  • at home, school, work, in public and media.

It’s simple and easy.

Why? Because it’s all existing, wildly successful model solutions. Humans and society are simple. What works in one place, works everywhere. If needed, adapt with little tweaks.




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