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Telling the unfolding Story of the Rising Change Generation

I’m super excited about this one. We have done this before, and it went super smooth, people loved it. Now we’re adding print, “live”, music etc.

This is going to be amazing. 

See, so far young hero stories, campaign updates, live news are found sporadically on the web, and even if you follow them all on twitter, you only get a small scoop of Americans, plus there’s 9 billion people that have no clue what’s going on and will never use twitter. We gotta get this out there in new, fresh ways to make hero spirit omni-present, and in deeper ways than just twitter. Let’s go!

We’re revealing a few things here, for our fans, supporters, members and funders to look forward to. 



You can be part as

Online Volunteer, write, edit, translate, design, promote

Local Messenger for distribution

BASE, with our flyers, mags for your customers 

Donor, funding us to kick this off with a few core staff




Of course, we need an online edition. It’ll be meshed with all sorts of other platforms.

We’ll bundle various good stuff here. Including petitions, etc.



This is a cracker. Lovely style, rich in images, aligned with UN Theme Days,

featuring heroInes, solutions, current actions, updates from warrior crews … it serves us all, packaging our movement’s best on paper for the world to see and something to cuddle at home.

Great for the general public, for schools, for public libraries, reading rooms, cafes, …

We love this. This is the stuff that gets us into cafes, offices and waiting rooms in style.



8 page flyers with briefs on heroInes, actions, music, videos – aligned with current UN Theme Days – QR codes link to multimedia content and full articles.

Seed in cafes, grocery stores, in public, at events, in town, at your stand… to get the public drawn into our global new story.

Loving it. The perfect tool for mass seeding at low cost and keeping tens of thousands in our cities informed on the ongoing flow of action, our unfolding story. 



Web, flyers, mag’s are great, but – closed and invisible until people pick them up. 

At SCHOOL, we want “mega flyers” in artistic style, with brief texts, in “read more” style – using QR codes and checking the HQ stand for detail news, getting involved.

This is a wonderful living decor, with meaning, for creating artistic space with positive ambience, dynamic spirit, visuals, current campaigns, issues, new rockstar heroInes – perfect as alternating monthly exhibit.

Great for corridors, cafes, blank concrete spaces, construction fences in town. 

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We want one. With all our stuff INCLUDING the magazine.

We want this. This is going to be a cracker for kids and teens to grow up with, and for adults to stay uplifted and guided in these challenging times.