Our MAPS give orientation to achieve goals. Think of maps, lanes, speedruns in gaming. View more maps here. (link coming)

“Victory Lane”

Big one. You can do this.


“Enable our global young generation at school to grow up implementing humanity’s finest solutions for a good world of peace, joy and abundance for all (sustainable, regenerative etc) – in real-time collaboration with today’s Einsteins and Gandhis” – such as :

walking with them daily

latest new social media updates style

Joining their actions

An Example: Emma & Julia

raise an enormous supply of books for aboriginal kids, schools and communities that don’t have any.  Be part :

  1. level : raise books at school for BWNB, aim at 1,000
  2. level : raise funds for shipping for BWNB, aim at 1,000
  3. level : found a chapter, mobilize more schools, aim at 10,000
  4. level : launch BWNB in your state, serve all communities

Meet live on Skype for celebrating achievements, gain a badge for completed missions.

Before we start

we have to know the *context & setting* that we act in

School, the world, media and young people are not what they used to be

ten, twenty, thirty years ago. Few people are yet aware of the awesome things going on, how parents, teachers and journalists love it, the magic tricks behind mega success stories, and the awesome potentials of taking this to scale. We combine the best from each field in our resources, tactics and programs, enabling you/th to evoke new enormous impact. It’s simple, but you gotta know, be smart and use it like a boss. Here’s what’s new, working and winning :


told in vivid visuals, conveying authentic changemaker spirit = “positive news media culture” fill people with hope, passion and a sense of action. It’s especially true for teen hero stories and their facebook streams show how it works. It’s also good for mental health and active citizenry. No-brainer, really. We all feel it watching their clips (view film no.1). Studies prove it, and major media notice that solution stories generate more clicks, shares, merry comments. Teachers love it, too. It’s NEW, and we work with the leaders in the field.


There are hundreds of badass teen changemakers changing lives, laws and industries. It’s NEW in history. They pop up by themselves, others join. No adults involved, except support on-demand. We know this! Among the many individuals, there are a few that have youth-powered organizations with chapters at many schools, cities, countries. Those are the success models that we need to look at for achieving our goal of global presence at schools.


“These young people give me hope” “They act like adults while adults act like kids” reflects what millions of adults feel on tw, insta, fb, CNN, NYTimes, European media… Support by Cara Delevigne 41 mio followers, Clooney + Winfrey $1 mio for #marchforourlives, nationwide student school walk outs, within 1 week of the school shooting organized BY the students. Follow the core group of #neveragain live on https://twitter.com/Emma4Change https://twitter.com/cameron_kasky https://twitter.com/al3xw1nd as history unfolds. This is NEW : The worldview change on youth, youth awaken to “we have to bring change”, adults love it, support. Mega synergy. YOU can experience the same for your causes and region.


Xiuhtezcatl’s sensational role model example communicated via his crew’s music, wild successes in stopping pesticides, fracking, coal ash, lawsuits, an intergenerational climate movement, speeches at schools, the UN, festivals, talkshows re-defines young people (view film no.2). This is NEW! The Earth Guardians organization grows at record speed with 1,000+ crews on six continents.


Craig’s WE have crews in 12,000 schools, making “creating a good world for all” part of (service-) learning culture with global partners. WE has 250,000 members, 25,000 teachers are involved, inspired by Craig and Marc’s example. Their events score six hours live on television (view film no.3). Dude, this is NEW, it’s huge, it’s the new 60s but way better. Not demanding, but doing what needs doing. View what teachers and students say. This works everywhere!


Both Craig’s and X’s model show a combination of (1) vividly told solution stories (2) led by HEROineS*, with (3) instant action opportunity and (4) resources and guidance for self-organization and (5) a stream of year-round action. This combination inspires, equips and empowers young people with a mix of passion, hope, courage, vision, a sense of service, can-do feeling and the decision to join and found local chapters. “Young people wish to be part and help people and planet. What they need are knowledge of meaningful steps, tools and support on demand.” * Note : role models shape 80% of human behavior !! much of subconsciously !!


The models mentioned demonstrate the way to go – the precious benefits experienced by youth and teachers, people and planet – and what to add to take it to even greater scale, scope and impact. The big fat magic trick is to add the success models of many other teen and adult changemakers with transformational solutions, social entrepreneurship, social business, changing laws and industries, their tools, live services… Boom!


can spark these things even as one person –  just like inspired students who start a 1,000 piece book drive worth $10,000 – just like presenters of WE and Earth Guardians – and you’ll win members, allies, spark local chapters. Your key asset : your passion combined with causes, stories, good visuals, action opportunities = #alwayswinning. To-do: GET INFORMED on youth leadership, heroInes, solutions, your tools and support. Our YL Crash Course and publications are the fastest, fattest intro you can get.

VIII. You have Us

YL unites 100+ heroInes under one banner. Our RESOURCES make action easy. CHANGE GENERATION RISING gives you 100 heroInes with 400 proposed actions, fav’ causes and activities for everybody; videos and stories for use in class; Pop-up Poster Exhibits to reach many, long-term; a Fundraising Mega Pack; High Impact Student Clubs; winning Adult Allies, a Year-Round Stream of Action aligned with UN Theme Days, Live on Skype… This is NEW! 

IX. Easy-going or going-pro 24/7

We design tools, tactics and support for millions of youth to live like a new class of warrior changemakers evoking changes like today’s finest heroInes – at mass scale. We aim a fast changes – Speedrun Style : no delays, straight to the goal : Take Back The Planet – using helpful Roadmaps. We aim at max impact and recommend : document your activities with phone cams, share with social and news media, generating rapid support and demand as speakers. It works.

Summed up : positive news + teen heroInes + youth leadership at schools + tons of inspirational media, tools and support + proven, happening, awesome, youth- and people-powered + PEOPLE LOVE IT : Across age groups and cultures, people agree “this should be in all schools”.

With all this in mind, this mission takes on an entirely different shape – feasible, common-sense, simple, must-have! You will recognize the building blocks of above-mentioned success models. You will also note that each step is simple and common sense. Now let’s do this!

“Victory Lane”

Enabling our global young generation at school to grow up taking action with today’s Gandhis and Einsteins.

Step 1

Get Informed

on youth leadership – to get inspired by the new powers of youth to change lives, laws, industries, and the ripple effects sent through schools, community and media.

Advanced: the YL Crash Course

A world-premiere! The essentials of youth leadership, badass heroInes, music, at school, how to get involved, spark and evolve youth leadership in your region. This multi-faceted immersion in youth leadership with discoveries, reflection and feedback forms gives you a ton of inspirational stories, ideas, your own favorite heroInes, memorable moments and anecdotes to share, to liven up presentations, to freestyle and respond to student questions, local causes and challenges. Plus – you earn a real badge!

Step 2

Spread the Spirit

seeding media to schools, canteens, cafes, public libraries, homes…

Advanced: include actions. And many options!

such as Emma and Julia’s story – for starting a local book drive for Books With No Bounds. This is great for instant action, a sense of agency, impact and celebration. But what next? What you need is a crew and a bunch of ideas and causes. That’s why we have bundled up the Presentation Pack and Workshop Pack with 48 heroInes and 192 actions, and tactics for year-round action as High Impact Student Club backed by a global tribe. See below.

Step 3


at school, take instant action, unite inspired youth in a student club, set up HQ in public space and organize year-round action for favorite heroInes and causes.

98% of students give it 10/10

Presentation feedback and graphics

Step 4

Form a Crew

with friends

A Youth Crew

at school

A Student Club

go pro, full on, 24/7

A Warrior Clan

These teams connect daily with the unfolding adventures of 100+ grand changemakers, join, boost and localize their groundbreaking initiatives – aligned with current UNITED NATIONS Theme Days for optimal reach – evoking massive impact like their famous peers.

They also respond to local causes, bring in their own campaigns, receive support to re-dream their cities for multi-faceted campaigns aiming at reaching their entire local generation at school(!) – backed by a global tribe.


Registered groups gain badges, Warrior Clans gain credits for impact and headlines made, level up for completed missions, document their activities and develop a rich visual CV serving to open doors and pave their path in society.

In shortest time, they achieve Local Hero status and grow up as full-spectrum changemakers – even far beyond the scope of actions of today’s cause-focussed young heroInes – to evolve into a new level of able, conscious citizens, a new “hero character class” qualifying as co-creators, inhabitants and stewards of a NEW level of civilization.

This is big stuff, it’s what the world needs and it can be done.

Step 5

Include Instant Action

like donations, video submission, feedback, petitions and more with each activity

Step 6

Scale Presence and Reach

using Pop-Up Poster Exhibits

Step 7

Organize Workshops

using our breakthrough workshop pack, following the footsteps of wildly successful heroInes

Never Stop

Take Year-round Action

  • each week
  • aligned with UN Days
  • a little bit or full-time

+ Adults Support!

Parents, teachers, journalists, professionals, organizations, activists, citizens from all walks of life etc.

Adult Chapters seed media, spread the spirit, present, organize exhibits, workshops and support inspired youth teams

Boost! Club Units organize support for teen and twen YL HeroInes

Boost! Club Outposts act as sales points for YOUTH-LEADER publications, and focal points for raising donations

GROUP details

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ADVANCED as YL groups

boost club unit, YL chapter, Partner NGO, Journalist (calls for heroines, report etc

ADVANCED as YL groups

boost club unit, YL chapter, Partner NGO, Journalist (calls for heroines, report etc

GROUP details

GROUP details

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