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  • designers
  • graphic artists
  • writers
  • translators
  • educators


  • English originals convey the authentic spirit
  • Excellent for foreign language learning for youth and adults (optimal intrinsic motivation, audio-visual comprehension etc)
  • Translations for easier and deeper access to readers of all ages

16 Languages

We develop the stories of our core line-up of heros in 16 languages fit for the homes and schools of the world

Video Subtitles

for better comprehension by non-english speaking audiences; Why keep original english audio? Because only their voice conveys true changemaker spirit!


  • genuine changemaker spirit
  • vivid, memorable visuals
  • interlinked with online profiles, with videos, music, interviews, social media, action guides

Core Stories

100+ teen heroInes and grand adult changemakers with people-powered model solutions for peace, bliss and abundance for all. Short stories crafted with rich multi-media making the stories come alive and alove, empowering for action


Their best videos handpicked from the web, as well as YL-produced short videos.



Every generation has its sound. Earlier ones no longer serve us for the new challenge. The new spirit has appeared, and this is how it expresses itself in sound! Immerse yourself in this pool of consciousness to nourish your Inner HeroIne, feel it, sing it, perform, upload, share with us. A gem for music class! 



Formats for various uses, user groups and settings

  • home
  • school
  • public libraries
  • reading rooms
  • waiting rooms


  • cross-platform
  • multi-media
  • action options


  • across age groups
  • meaning and access evolve with age
  • lifelong value

The perfect Christmas and Birthday Gift

Teenage Hero Tales - Change Generation Rising


Short stories of 49 outstanding teenage heroines with youth-powered solutions for people and planet, linked with multimedia, music and action opportunities

This Young Generation


A Manual for sparking and cultivating Youth Leadership in one’s region, at home, school, workplace, civil society and public space

Me & My Heros We Save Planet Earth


24 heroInes with stories and solutions for age 3 to 12, with easy, exciting activities at home, yard, school, hood, excursions, online; fundraise, artwork, farm and garden work, research, document, media production

YL Comics


Hero stories for homes, kindergartens, waiting rooms

The Hero's 7 Virtues


What makes a heroIne? What makes them different from non-active citizens?

How can we cultivate the same inner alchemy in ourselves and awaken our own Inner HeroIne? Discover the secret that connects your love for people and planet with the heroInes of your favorite adventure novels and the greatest sacred warriors in human history. And take steps to unfold your hero, for real!

Walk the Virtuous Path of the Warrior and earn a Badge



Make a ton of youth leadership magic media present throughout your community.


Gift Bundle

All our cool stuff for your kids.

A wonderful birthday, Christmas, anytime gift, plus : a wonderful conversation starters, bringing to light shared values, dreams, passion, stories, ideas that can  spark countless follow up activities with family and friends.

Remember: Love in the family is built by shared experiences! 

School Pack

All the good stuff to make youth leadership omni-present, inspire, equip, take action, organize poster pop-up exhibit, workshops…

Public Library Pack

Ace stuff for kids, parents, teachers visiting the library with their class – with flyers, posters and a library staff guide how best inform the interested public, and follow up with film sessions, collab with local youth crews…



Make Youth Leadership

  • omni-present
  • year-round


  • homes, offices, staff, bath- and waiting rooms

reaching and involving

  • colleagues, clients, customers, family

Desk Calendar

Me & My Heros, We Save Planet Earth

52 weeks, 52 heroInes, 52 QR codes to online profiles, 52 UNITED NATIONS Theme Days connecting users to the real world, global issues, people-powered solutions and action opportunity.

Wall Calendar

Daughters of the Sun – Girl & Women HeroInes

12 grand teen and adult changemakers, large visual, short story, QR codes, perfect for raising curiosity in public spaces like staff and waiting rooms.

Student Calendar

Change Generation Rising

The perfect companion for young changemakers. Stay tuned to current UNITED NATIONS Theme Days and pertaining teen-powered solutions.

  • scribble
  • stay inspired
  • inspire peers
  • add to subjects
  • collab with teachers
  • boost club action

Advent Calendar


  • 1-24 December
  • 1 heroIne per day
  • unveiled on website
  • story, video & more
  • action guide
  • Plus
  • Christmas Season Fundraising Quest for Selected HeroInes
  • LIVE Impact Celebration on 23 Dec
  • Surprise Rewards
  • LIVE Meetings “between the years” 24-31 Dec with YL Staff and HeroInes, Q&A, looking back and forward


  • immerse yourself in HeroInes’ spirit
  • “best of” resource compilation
  • learn, upgrade, act


Start to success, what’s next, key and most touching moments.


to articles and their social media; connect to them for live updates in daily life.


Best clip/s telling their story and solution, a memorable impression of how their initiative works, how to replicate it DIY.

Action Guides

DIY guides to boost, support, join, replicate, adapt their initiatives, simple to advanced, short-and long-term, at home and abroad

Enormous scope of activities. Genius!



Deep conversations going far beyond common short, superficial Q&A’s

Make you feel ready, equipped and confident to get started.




Daily Vlog & Podcast

  • Eric’s Show
  • interviews & conversations
  • hero profiles


Daily News

  • hero’s actions
  • campaigns, petitions etc
  • our articles, vlog news…
  • donation engine



Positive News for Youth. Connects readers with the greatest changemakers on Earth and humanity’s finest solutions

The new Story of the rising Change Generation

Narrative for society’s paradigm shift

Follow today’s heroInes adventures LIVE

Empowers for action

Contribute, act, get featured

Participate, distribute



As writer along our positive news guidelines (great value)

As editor, graphic artist and designer, translator, editor and web editor

Micro Magazine

8 page foldout flyer

  • UN Days of the Month
  • pertaining HeroInes
  • actions, music, events
  • localized per city

Online Magazine

  • Our heroInes’ unfolding adventures
  • columns of visionary changemakers
  • own articles on solutions
  • interviews
  • music, videos etc
  • tools, campaigns etc
  • reader / user actions
  • articles of positive news partners

Print Magazine

Contents like the Online Magazine

  • thematically aligned with UN Days
  • artistic design
  • various contributors, patchwork style

Localized Editions

National and Local Editions, powered by online volunteers, publishing also Global Magazine articles, translations

Wall Magazine Display

For schools and public space

  • Artistic design
  • Brief excerpts, strong visuals
  • QR linking to online contents
  • backdrop for YL Team stands
  • for Learning Environments



Grow up playing with today’s heroInes

  • apply their superpowers
  • learn subconsciously
  • at home, in recess, as projects

YL Cardgame


Grow up playing with this generation’s finest heroInes. Backsides with short story and QR code linking to multimedia online profiles

YL Board Game

Upcoming. Secret 🙂



You are the Messenger.

Take the spirit public.


Send the stories of 7 Virtues / HeroInes to friends and families

  • artistic visual and story
  • QR link to multi-media online profile


7 Virtues HeroInes, artistic design

  • QR link to multi-media online profile
  • Stay connected to spirit
  • Perfect for staff rooms
  • Sparks curiosity and conversations


  • stay connected to spirit
  • an artefact
  • an armour
  • a uniform for team actions



Spread the message to the public and schools and institutions.


Co-create flyers for the movement! Maybe also specific to a region, a language. send in a quick draft.

Social Media

  • clips
  • images
  • posts


  • Youth Leadership, 8 page foldout
  • YL Boost! Club, 8 page foldout
  • YL@ SCHOOL, 1 page


  • YL Boost! Club


  • Ultimate Inspiration
  • Immersion in Youth Leadership
  • Causes for everybody
  • Actions for everybody
  • Shared passion
  • Instant action

Crash Course "Youth Leadership"


Introduction to the phenomenon, outstanding heroInes, videos and music, the bigger picture, super-powers of youth at school, reflection, feedback, instant actions

Presentation Kit

No.1. An Introduction to Youth Leadership

Our best-of selection of

  • YL film trailers
  • 24 heroInes
  • story posters
  • videos
  • action guides
  • feedback posters

Pop-Up Poster Exhibit

No.2. Youth Leadership Poster Exhibit

Create long-term presence using

  • 48 heroIne posters
  • 1-sentence / short story version
  • QR codes to videos, profiles
  • flip-card option
  • interactive questionnaire

add videos, activities, fundraisers…


  • built on model solutions
  • unique + new!
  • extremely powerful
  • instant impact

Workshop Pack

No.3. Turn Passion Into Action Workshop Pack

using Roadmaps and 108 Magic Trick action cards

  1. follow heroInes’ footsteps from start to wild success
  2. reconstruct Roadmaps on favorite causes
  3. draft Roadmaps for own campaigns

with 48 hero story posters, action guides

High Impact Starter Actions Pack

No.4 Start with Flying Banners!

Take instant massive action on popular, universal causes

  • easily involve people
  • simple preparation
  • creative options
  • quick, tangible results
  • vivid documentation
  • share, grow support

FUNdraiser Mega Pack

Put the FUN into fundraising using tricks of wildly successful fundraiser champions

  • philosophy
  • occasions
  • passion
  • school



Replicate Heroines’ solutions, brief, common sense explanation

  • boost, support, join, adapt, implement locally
  • Level 1-4 : simple to advanced
  • local and global
  • short- and long-term

49+ Teen HeroInes

with favorite causes for everybody, pioneered by teens today, thus replicable by teens everywhere.

Model Solutions

for people and planet, creating peace, bliss and abundance for all; implemented at grand scale by ordinary teens, well documented, replicable, needed everywhere – get up and do it!

49+ Adult Mages

with transformational solutions to overcome today’s challenges, fix broken society and create peace, joy and abundance for all, designed by humanity’s grand changemakers. The ones needed and able to take them global are today’s teens, in “live” collaboration with today’s Gandhis and Einsteins. They can’t wait to see that happen. Let’s go!

400+ Activities

100+ causes and solutions. Favorite activities for everybody.

Simple to Advanced

for bigger impact.

Level 1 to 4, short- and long-term, local and abroad.

Gain Badges

for completed missions, impact and headlines made

Coralganics - Videos on Yukky Stuff in our Foods

Level 1 Research : View Coralganics clips, discuss, research labels of fav and despised foods, share findings, document as patchwork exhibit

Level 2 Replicate : Create video clips, set up pop-up “studio”, share with us

Level 3 Go Viral : spread via social and news media, harvest feedback

Level 4 Spread far and wide with short film festival, presentations at schools, family fests, events, harvest feedback

Blue Communities - Protect Local Water

Level 1 Research : the regional water situation, aquifers, pollutants, purification

Level 2 Replicate : Blue School : ban plastic bottles, set up water dispensers, decorate the space with revolving Water Exhibits tuned to monthly UN Day Themes, co-created by clubs and arts classes; spread to other schools, media and public

Level 3 Replicate : Blue Community : take your campaign to the city council, to pass the 3-pronged Resolution

Level 4 Spread to regional towns sharing the same water resources, to conferences etc

Stop Street Harassment

Level 1 Research : share your personal experiences, harvest testimonials at your school and beyond, document, survey, publish on social and news media, connect with students of other schools

Level 2 Have an open conversation : do you want rape and harassment, a little bit or none, at school, in public, in clubs, bars, at home? Generation’s Pledge on what future you want and will act upon

Level 3 Join Stop Street Harassment Week : go public, reclaim spaces, use artwork, collect voices of citizens

Level 4 : Address policies, adverts and media – change them. Address public transport and spaces, formulate policy changes on code of conduct and law enforcement, take your voice to news and city council

Avalon Theisen : Frog Fairy

Level 1 Research : Species biodiversity in regional ecosystems, focus on swamps,  wetlands, marshes and lakes; inaturalist walks; document findings

Level 2 Organize Human Frog Chorus, record, share, create Mini-Backyard Habitats at home, school; document, share

Level 3 Social Experiment : Mystery Day-Out dawn til dusk, swampy wetland, report on the experience

Level 4 Lifestyle Challenge : One Month of Plant-Based Living; view Cowspiracy, document ideas, recipes, yummy delights, surprises, breakthroughs and breakdowns with a daily blog post



Make real life changemaking activities a learning activity

Normally – when you organize such an activity, your resources and activities are limited. Here’s what we add:

  • real world, authentic, meaningful
  • quality resources: story, vivid visuals nurturing vision for action
  • optional steps and challenge levels
  • diversified focus groups
  • multifaceted activities, teamwork
  • replicate, adapt, improvise
  • co-creative results
  • tangible, measurable impact
  • relevant for people & planet
  • inspirational for others
  • exciting documentation
  • share with news, social media
  • upload to our site
  • integrated in our resources
  • shared with heroInes
  • feedback

Isn’t this cool?!

  • usable in subjects, as projects, also student-powered
  • connect with events
  • connect with partners

A teacher’s dream come true.


They are designed so that you can use them by yourself. But we are highly curious and eager to see them used, and to help you with any questions!

"Blue School"

Adapt the groundbreaking “Blue Community” Resolution protecting water at regional level by keeping water public, making it a human right and banning bottled water – at your school – installing (yummy! spring not fluorided etc) water dispensers plus turning that space into a monthly alternating pathwork exhibit on water, tuned to monthly UN Days (peace, forests etc), cocreated by clubs and arts classes

Positive News Media Culture

What is media’s true role in society, our big co-living community? How do media play a role in cocreating a global, peaceful, just, thriving and sustainable civilization? How communicate solutions, inspire and enable readers?

Learn, research, write, edit, design, publish, communicate local or global news, cocreate a real edition on our platform to share locally with news, schools, the public with potential to spark follow-up, by yourself or others! 

Pacha's Pajamas

Use Pacha’s child-focussed

  • VR-animated (digital) book
  • musical
  • music

to inspire groups

  • perform chapters to class
  • share about the experience

then get creative

  • compose new chapters
  • perform to others
  • at kindergartens, schools, retirement homes, events, school fest …
  • combine with actions 

Lifestyle Challenges

A Month of … your choice : Vegan Living, Without Supermarkets, Without Media, Without Sugar, Peacemaking, No Swearing, No Harassment … everybody making a daily blog post on their adventure, breakthroughs and breakdowns, laughing and learning with others. Share with news and social media. Reflect on the experience, share with us. Earn a Badge. 2 Weeks are minimum, 4 Weeks better and earn more Credits. 

Change Generation Music

What is the sound of the generation feeling “it is our planet, out future, and we will protect them, no matter what!” ?

Every generation has its sound, conveying its SPIRIT that makes people MOVE, ACT. The 60s yearning and 90s dancing sound do not serve us. The new sound has emerged, performed BY teenage changemakers themselves! Take a moment to realize : this is the single most precious sound in human history, for the future of all species and generations alive today.

For you as teacher, it is uniquely inspirational, relevant, youth-powered, fabulous videos as resource, a conversation starter. Harvest feedback, learn, perform, compose, record, upload, share. 

Online Learning Environments

Use authentic websites of changemakers and organizations as learning environment.

  • form groups
  • research sections
  • present to the class
  • students experience a kaleidoscope of information
  • take actions pertaining to the cause, contribute to the websites

Social Experiments

Turn from actor to director. Create interactions in public space!

Select topic from our models pioneered and documented by genius changemakers.

Adapt to your local setting. Testrun, refine, implement, document. This is hot stuff to inspire local media, schools … 

Hero Theatre

Turn our heroInes’ stories into brief impro theatre pieces, perform, inspire others, record, share with us.


Use our Poster Set, Philanthro-Party toolkit, Action Guides, Field Partners etc to create a public LearnScape serving the entire school community.

Tune it with UN Days, local events, school fests, theme weeks, local partners … 



These campaigns offer holistic learning experiences on what matters and needs doing to live the state of being that our constitutions, conscience, civilization and curricula demand.

Just as committing genocide is not a question of opinion, the collapse of ecosystems, peace, civilization are not matters of personal opinion.

These campaigns serve to restore harmony by banishing hurtful habits inherited from earlier, unsustainable societeis coined by authoritarian, racist, totalitarian rule that no longer fit today’s societal model.

School’s purpose is to enable the young generation to become able, active citizens in a libertarian, democratic society, [addition:] which also has to be sustainable, in a peacefully collaborating global family of nations.

Adult generations are failing across the board in every respect. They lacked what we now can offer : the experience to unfold, practice and exercise the skill.

These campaigns offer extraordinary opportunity to actually integrate the learning experience for life

  • Share, discuss
  • Reflect, align with personal and societal and universal values
  • Agree
  • Formulate Your Voice
  • Communicate it to the Public
  • Achieve

in LIVE collaboration with today’s Einsteins and Gandhis in their fields; some already recognized, others once we have done this, together.

Stop Street Harassment

Make our streets and public spaces safe and welcoming for girls and women, everybody once again. Study data, testimonials, actions in public, towards media, policy makers and law enforcement. Give voice, formulate goals, pledge, follow up.

Make Ecocide a Crime Against Peace

Cast a protective web of law around the planet, turning the moral crime – of “destroying ecosystems to a point that their inhabitants can no longer benefit from their services” into a legal crime. When the ICC was founded, Ecocide was meant to be the 5th Crime Against Peace (leading to loss of inner, then domestic, then physical peace, potentially war) besides war of aggression and genocide, putting CEOs, investors and heads of state on trial. You can mess with your room, but not the living room (Global Commons). Youth love it. Spread the news, upgrade people’s worldview, found a local focal point, advance it at regional, national, international level, for protecting Local Commons and school gardens.

Save Our Sharks

Sharks are stewards of ecosystem abundance (like wolves are) an their disappearance leads to dead ocean zones. False horror depictions of sharks as monsters have spurred epidemic shark finning, leading to extinction of many species. Learn the truth, ban shark finning, change fisheries (also registered in Europe!), create alternative shark tourism etc.

Divest from Fossil Fuels, Leave It In The Ground

Current plans for fossil fuel extraction – and burning – pile up to, hold your seat, + 7 degree temperature rise within our lifetime. Yes, these are the raw data. This is the reason behind twenty years of United Nations summits. The solutions exist. Shame the dirty industry destroying everything we love, boost divestment, reduce consumption, advance badass alternatives.

Blue Communities - Protect Our Water

The data are clear. By 2025, 2 in 3 people will not have access to clean water, because of bad governance. Water defines all our peace and prosperity, without it, they will dissolve, we will lose everything – soon. The solutions exist. In terms of policy, we make our cities a “Blue Community”, keeping water public, make water a human right and ban plastic bottles. We have a fabulous “Blue Schools” adaptation; view Teaching Tools 

Self-Defense vs Sexual Assault

The “Red Brigade Lucknow” is a courageous group of teen and twen rape survivors training in self-defense, patrolling streets, shaming rapists, kicking police’s butt to prosecute rape and murder, giving workshops at school, training 1 million girls self-defense aganst sexual violence. Get inspired, reflect, respond to ideas, support them, take pertaining local action.

Large-Scale Ecosystem Restoration

We can heal the wounds of the Earth. Study amazing best practices turning blank rock stretching to the horizon into lush landscapes and rice terraces teeming with wildlife. Research cases, document, film, upload on a global expert platform, take on regional cases, boost awareness and action.

Ban Ivory Trade Forever

Wild elephants may disappear in a few years, unless we stop the genocide by closing all relations, from trade to illegal trade and organized crime. A total ban is the start, for every country! Nellie has achieved quick results in Hong Kong, leading to incineration, celebrity action and bans that adults had failed to achieve for decades.  

Ban Dirty Palm Oil

That’s pretty much all palm oil. Madi and Rhiannon have achieved rapid results by targeting popular big brands with products devoured by children. Way to go. Plus, for Europe, ban the use of palm oil in fuel. Palm oil plantations are built on Ecocide. Call out responsibles in government and business, write letters to the International Criminal Court.

Regenerate, Re-Wild Biodiversity

The term “sustainability” is not enough, passive, keeps current levels (of destruction) and has already been corrupted. What we need is to recreate abundance in our fields, our forests, our cities – and our rural spaces have to become wild again – with magic and wonder healing our soul – not just by youtube videos but through the real experience – not just in far away Serengeti parks, but right here, at home, accessible for all our kids, parents and adults. 

Cure Gun Violence

“25 people have been killed this week-end in Englewood, Chicago.” CeaseFire Chicago, a team of former gang members and convicts, has curbed gun killings by 89%. Cure Violence has made violence prevention a public health approach, with great success in other cities and countries. View The Interrupters film, reflect on local violence, also harassment, bullying, psychological, pledge changes, follow up.

Protect Grand Wildlife

Join Raabia’s initiative to raise awareness, love, compassion and action for Africa’s remaining grand wildlife – ending up under car wheels, shot for fun, massacred and poached. Raabia has quit a celebrity radio anchor job to Walk With Rangers, calling for international support to strengthen these courageous local guardians and getting youth, schools and the public involved.

Protect Turtles and Beaches

Urgent action is required. Raise awareness using Zander’s free Turtle Talks ebook, protect beaches using fun, uplifting ways. Change your country’s fishery policies, demand rapid use of turtle proof nets and techniques.

Make War Profits Illegal

This is new and changes everything. The reasons are clear : to avoid any abuse by major organized crime, and because it is eroding all UNITED NATIONS values and agreements to achieve its mandata : World Peace. Promote at national and international level at the ICC. 




Implement best practices for upgrading your city for a life of awesome

LearnScape Schoolground

Make school awesome. Use the school ground for recess, bliss, theatre, music, build stuff with math, physics class and courses, add urban farming, edible landscape, a waterfall, nature playground, fantasy soccer field, peace park … organize community events on school grounds with local partners.

Child-, Youth-, Parent- & Elderly-friendly

Adventure, nature and natural playgrounds, naurescapes, culture, arts, walks, railway line parks, co-working sharing community cafes, ramblas, co-creation, animals, foods, “transparence : “how stuff works” (gutter, heating, lighting …), less poo, piss, dealers, gangs, thieves, cars, deserted places, ugliness, bleakness, “out of bounds”, “no loitering” …

Uplifting Public Arts à la Ramblas

Barcelona’s Ramblas are famous for uplifting music, arts and theatre in public space. So how come it’s illegal or complicated everywhere else? This is unbearable. These are OUR cities. We are their inhabitants. These spaces BELONG to us, the CITIZENS, not to some racist elite monarch or ‘distant investor’ treating us as human resources. We LOVE vibrant, uplifting public space, not cemeteries. WE decide to HAVE it as WE LIKE it, managed in hew, fresh, fair ways; fair in every sense of the word : just, noble, beautiful. And with fair maidens and … – YOUTH!

Edible Landscapes

No more food deserts. Why just greenery that stings? Use food plants, bushes, trees, beautifying public space, feeding people healthy food in abundance,  bringing people together for learning, farming, celebration – make schools, citizen and elderly clubs stewards, taking care of planting, cleaning, harvest – as win-win for food, biodiversity, peace and a new sense of belonging.

Restore Peaceful, Thriving Community

Use a bundle of best practices for healing violent youth bio’s, curbing gun violence, creating vibrant public spaces, urban farming at schools, community gardens … with encompassiong vision and multifaceted activities to co-create a nurturing environment healing people, keeping kids and youth sane, and cultivating life skills, community, economy – powered by youth and caring adult allies.

Climate Change Resilient Region

Worried? You have reason. But only because you sit idle, disempowered. Start doing the things that need doing, whether climate change or not! empowering all citizens to do what they love and contribute what they can : protect water, clean rivers, reforest, restore ecosystems, no more poisoning, edible landscapes galore, plus : active citizenry, a culture of peace, vibrant public space, cocreative decision-making, participatory budgeting, youth leadership at schools… 



Nothing inspires more than experiencing hero changemakers LIVE.

Meet not “inspirational or motivational speakers” but REAL, WILDLY SUCCESSFUL CHANGEMAKERS

  • personal encounter, experience huggable heroInes, no pedestal, no ego, no single focus but caring for our entire young generation
  • prepare with action guide, know their initiative, digest

 for a unique, rich experience

  • ask deep, meaningful, burning questions
  • eye-level interaction
  • anecdotes
  • spontaneous, deep Q&A
  • action-oriented
  • take action, celebrate achievements

Prepare, experience, follow up


Meet anywhere anytime via Skype


Upgrade your event with young heroInes or YL Staff presenting on youth leadership in general with videos, anecdotes, big picture, Q&A, cases, consultation, follow-up action if you like.

Add Music

Book young musicians raising the spirit of change like no one before. Yup. All said. 

YL Staff

Eric and YL Ambassadors live in the world of youth leadership, at the heart centre of global changemaking movements, surf the tidal wave of civilization.

We have precious knowledge, insights, stories and anecdotes to share. 

Look, most of th worldy has no clue that teen heroInes exist, people are 30 years behind! Those who do do not replicate solutions, their schools are boring.

We may be crazy, but at least we know what’s really going on! 🙂


Teenage changemakers leading mega solutions for people and planet, replicable by youth, at and beyond school.


Grand adult changemakers with transformational mega solutions, replicable by ordinary people, also youth. Not experts hiding behind books and mics, but fun, hi5-ing genius visionaries who are able to communicate high end knowledge in simple words, love working with people and empower them to implement changes. A very rare species! Gandalfs, Galadriels and Dumbledores, that’s right.

Give Back

You meet with today’s Gandhis.

They give their youth so that all of us find inspiration, dare, rise to lead the lives that our hearts desire and create the world and future we so dearly wish to see? WHO can make you this gift? A celebrity? A President? A billionaire? No. They are useless.

You meet with noble knights, heros, saints. embodying humanity’s highest virtues. They inspire millions with lost hope in these times of escalating abominations.

What is it worth?

Make the most of the encounter. Prepare with their Profile, story, video, action guide. 

We at YL act to support HeroInes, to make impact for people and planet, and to empower our young generation. 

Be part of positive change and support humanity’s finest! 

Make a contribution to their initiative – to make impact for people and planet, to save your world and future, to experience your own changemaker powers as a kick off for more… AND : make THEM a Gift! to fuel them with energy, carry them higher, to achieve their dreams. Surprise them, move tears, be noble. A GIVER!

Show them that their example bears fruits. That today’s youth is saving Earth.

Add Action

If you do have heroInes at events – GIVE BACK – add ambience, action, fundraiser stand, gala, challenges, action calls during registration, on tickets, on social media, arrang media presence, get givers on stage, give a prize. Make it matter!



Collaborate with outstanding teen and twen changemakers

  • boost their groundbreaking initiatives bringing peace, bliss and abundance, lacking recognition, respect and support by local populations
  • take them to regional and national scale, shape history
  • donate, scale up impact using tools and tricks
  • see impact unfold on social media
  • feel your agency
  • develop pertaining activities in your region
  • bring in your own ideas
  • meet LIVE
  • even go visit as volunteer

Emma & Julia Mogus, Books With No Bounds

Join book drives for aboriginal community schools that don’t have any. Aim for 1 good book per student, 1,000 per school, plus funds for shipping. Launch the initiative in your province, state or country. Make headlines.

Chloe Maxmin

Learn about student club power, record-breaking campaigns, college student power, divestment, no more “human as usual”, media work, follow Chloe’s story of running for political office, support her campaign and raise local youth voice.

Usha Vishwakarma, Red Brigade Lucknow

Usha and her fellow teenage rape survivors are an icon of women empowerment, ending rape culture, changing laws by fearless public protests and training thousands of girls in self-defense against sexual assault. Fundraise and send messages of support to go bigger, train  a million girls, add education programs and sustain their efforts as first team members become twens. Can we help them sustain their mission and make a living?

Rachel Parent, Kids Right To Know

Learn heartbreaking facts on children in GMO cultivation regions, epidemic birth defects, deadly diseases among farmers, poverty; study the situation of North American mothers with up to 100x higher glyphosate concentration that Europeans, 1 in 3 kids in Canada suffering from a chronic disease. Learn about healthy, non-toxic high-yield agricultual approaches. Research your regional situation, decide on your priorities, protect your region, cleanse it from poisons, especially glyphosate and neurodisruptors, record testimonials, send a message of support to the youth of North America, raise funds for Rachel’s work. 

Raabia Hawa - Walk With Rangers

Support Raabia’s work to raise awareness to protect Africa’s remaining grand wildlife, with a focus on strengthening rangers. Fundraise for Walk With Rangers, equiment and staff, send messages to Kenyan school youth, send your wish that you might one day have the chance to see these unique, majestic beings in the wild, know them well, and co-create new economic models for  rural communities.

Xiuhtezcatl Martinez, Earth Guardians

Study, learn, perform Xiuhtezctal’s music and traditional sacred practices. Study his main causes, such as fracking, sueing the government for climate change. Promote 50 Ways of Sustainable Lifestyle, run a 4 Week Lifestyle Challenge. Fundraise for X’s dream to fund summer camp trainings for Earth Guardians teenage activists.

Pooja Vishwakarma - Bal Manch

Pooja has got 20,000 poor children into school last year, and wishes to continue, as well as add youth leadership, arts, and eco-social campaigns. $2,000 finance her for an entire year, and every surplus goes into additional programs for kids! 

Polly Higgins - Mission Lifeforce

Join, spread, support and fundraise for Polly’s history-shaping work to establish Earth Law protecting the “Global Commons”, the grand forests, rivers, the ocean… from pollution, destruction and extinction. Protect their inhabitants from abuse and death, and : protect activitists and indigenous community leaders from threat, murder and corrupt criminal persecution – by declaring them Conscientious Defenders! 



Join our groundbreaking programs.

These are world-premieres for long-term, multifaceted, ever organically evolving changemaking programs

YL Boost! Club

Support today’s teen and twen heroInes through donations, fundraisers and in-kind support. 

Scale up impact by using tools and tricks for involving your workplace community, thousands of people, creating partnerships with local businesses, involving citizens in public space.

Enjoy being part of positive change, seeing impact unfold, meeting heroInes live, celebrating achievements, meeting fellow members.

Create local Units, set up Bases in bars and boutiques, become a Sales Point, bring in your ideas!  

Change Generation Rising

Make changemaking your sport in this

  • self-paced leadership program
  • changemaking program
  • education program
  • action community

Form teams with friends, at home and school, take monthly missions aligned with UN Days, gain badges and level up for 3 completed missions, gain credits for impact and healines made. 

Make life an adventure, collaborate in real-time with today’s heroInes.

Use as module at school etc.


Introduce and integrate youth leadership at school 

  • in class
  • as clubs
  • involving the community

upgrading learning culture with incrediby exciting media, stories, activities and lifting school into the 21st Century.

Be part as citizen volunteer, parent, student, teacher.



Profound immersion in youth leadership

  • with changemakers
  • with like-hearted teens


  • epic setting, nature, animals, culture


  • youth leadership
  • global issues immersion
  • group work methods
  • personal development
  • develop massive campaigns
  • collab across cities & countries
  • bring own campaigns

Return equipped with tools

  • take follow-up action
  • stay connected

with Change Generation Rising


Yes! Training camps in epic settings, sharing, learning, exeriencing crazy stuff. Refuel, heal, plan, surprise, make lifetime friends and memories!


Participation requires loving and living our sport – active particiation in CG RISING.


YL Camps have a price. The experience is legend, we want staff and teamers feel easy and rewarded for their epicness, and funds also go to CG RISING, projects and pre- and post-camp support. Raising funds is an exercise in mobilizing local investors in teenage changemakers known from local media. View Letters of Support.


Letters of Support - Fundraise

We want inspired youth to succeed, of course and propose a win-win: Awaken local adults to invest in those they call heroInes for fixing grave problems that adults created and sustain – youth! We suggest combining this call with a pledge to

  • report back on the experience
  • take follow-up action: speak at XY schools
  • organize a local workshop with newly learned methods
  • use media, organize a meeting on local crisis; bring it to camp, find support

Sponsor Warriors

View Letter of Support and what YL Teams act like in our videos

Can you imagine a better investment?

How about teaming up for a cause and campaign that inspires you? As Partner, adopting local schools, supporting campaigns, working with Field Partners… involving your workforce, staff, trainees…

Parents Included

YOUTH ARE AMONG THEMSELVES but parents are welcome in their own space

Our heroInes’ parents experience life with their wonderkids as quite an adventure journey, unexpected, surprising, challenging, wonderful – and love sharing experiences with other parents. The same is true for many YL Team parents. They can fill important roles as team, kitchen staff, support on demand and : teaming up wth their youth for follow-up actions.

Theme Camps

We also organize camps on specific themes, depending on what’s going on in the tribe, with field partners or Camp Partners.

Camp Partners

We run camps in special places, like retreats, wilderness camps, castles… that offer fantastic experiences in a kind, supportive environment, at friendly rates, as gift for our loved planet. 

Would you like to team up to organize one in your country? 

Warrior Camps

We will also have camps only for Warriors, others for Warriors Level 10 & Up etc.

Hero Jams

We also like bringing teen and twen HeroInes together in casual, caring setting, not for “training” these badass pro’s, but responding to their energies.  going with the flow, “jamming”, supporting, while giving space to healing, sharing, silence, arts, dance, exploring needs and potentials for collaboration … to form gentle bonds between the Gandhis, Mandelas and Einsteins of today – as teens.

Plus, we explore how to integrate and best serve their work in YL and CG RISING.

Can you imagine how awesome this is? We cannot as them for payment. We need generous donors to MAKE THIS A GIFT to these amazing beings.



Go far beyond anything you’ve experienced to-date!

  • re-define the image of caring, empathic, active youth
  • discover the Superpowers of Young People at School
  • unfold them to the max
  • upgrade learning culture

HERE are brief introductions how we HELP student clubs get different standing, make more impact.

High Impact Student Clubs

A YL Changemaker Student Club acts on Youth Leadership in general – which means all causes for people and planet, with a focus on high impact solutions – supporting, implementing, localizing, adapting them. 

This approach offers favorite causes and activities for everybody, thus – instead of operating in small isolated teams (on human rights, charity, environment), YL Clubs unite students across classes and grades in one huge tribe. 

Students form teams on their fav causes but identify as one and support activities organized by others.

They also study ways, tools and tricks for contributing to subjects, collaborating with teachers, for greater impact by using occasions, working with media etc.

Our New Highly Gifted

If people complain about youth to be uncaring, then we must regard the FEW who care, display empathy, are ready to contribute their most precious – their lifetime – to protect people and planet .. like our new highly gifted, and give them the same that we grant gifted musicians, dribblers and chess players:

  • time and space to practice their passion, evolve their skills
  • with partners (orchestras, sports club, in this case YOUTH- LEADER)
  • using their balls and music (our solutions, action guides, speakers etc)
  • in self-organized form
  • with practical impact
  • for the benefit of the whole school community
  • inspiring and training peers
  • performing in public
  • making headlines

This change of perspective helps teachers shift from perceiving activists as nuisance, telling them to take care of their C in chemistry. These are our society’s finest! The cultural creatives and social entrepreneurs fixing our broken, failing society.

Teachers need not be experts in changemaking, as they are not in chess. Experts are YL HeroInes, that club members collab with, using their Action Guides like the use music, balls, rules to play. Teachers simply appreciate the youth, give them space, time and support on demand, and time-off to speak at other schools, events and act in public (like we let others attend championships). 

These students naturally evolve into the finest role models and assistant teachers, making headlines and uplifting school’s status and recognition.

ISLEs - Informal Sustainability Learning Environments

Empowering and enabling our entire global young generation requires permanent presence of humanity’s finest knowledge, and active practice of sustainability solutions. 

The changemaker community uses HUBs as cocreative learning and collaboration environments. We can establish the same at schools – poweed by students – as an informal learning environment, using

  • poster exhibits
  • films and music
  • petitions, campaigns
  • lifestyle challenges
  • projects etc

It’s precisely what YL student clubs to.

They EVOLVE the kick-off Exhibit

  • with stands
  • year-round activities
  • aligned with UN Action Days
  • with youth, teachers, partners


  • the whole school community
  • as student club Headquarter HQ