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Youth leadership is the ultimate secret weapon for positive change, and game changer for humanity.

YOUTH-LEADER is your one-stop for ultra powerful instant high impact tools, tactics, partners, and live support, with solutions for various global issues, enormous things you never even heard of, and – special focus on

  • make school awesome
  • mobilize your workplace
  • upgrade media
  • public space
  • empower the citizenry
  • creating blissful win-win benefits for all incl. you



By joining us you casually connect with

  • many badass heroInes and organizations
  • a huge spectrum of causes and solutions
  • tons of tools and tricks

This means : there is something for you. 

You’ll quickly realize : You don’t find this anywhere else.

We do not bind you to us. In fact, we even send you to boost and join others. Why? Because our purpose is to take solutions for people and planet global.

Connect, and get involved freestyle, formal or full-time.



Your Role is to Take Action

It’s like WoW, LoL, Overwatch, Fortnite for real.

  • you stay free and independent
  • you team up with folks you like
  • you learn to wield magic wands and weapons
  • you even take the shape of characters
  • you farm, skill, face boss battles
  • you score badges, honors, level up

Join a little bit or full-time.

Connect with the Gandhis & Griffindors of today.

Use their solutions in your home region, connected via video to your global tribe, with tons of support.

Here are brief previews. 


Get started by yourself, or form a crew.

Wield our tools and tricks, kind lovely people will join in and support.

We highly recommend to also form a student club at school. We’re here to help.


School is THE daily operation environment, reaching 100s of youth, in/directly, for years.

We have power tools and tricks for making youth leadership present in class and beyond.

Your actions will make it normal for the “younger ones” to grow up with it!

You can unfold incredible powers, cascading to other schools, media, the city in your region and country.

We’re here to help.


If you want to make change-making your full-time sport & life mission, this is the ultimate choice.

The only thing coming close to a Warrior Life is our HeroInes, running their own organizations full time. BUT – while they focus on 1 cause, Warriors boost dozens of causes, and spread multi-faceted youth leadership all over town … in constant real-time cooperation with the Einsteins, Gandhis and Griffindores of today.

This is the new level of badass changemakers the planet needs. Those walking this path evolve into a new species. Yep.

Ah, we’re here to help. 


Adapting a fantasy gamers’ lens to the “real world” boosts one’s changemaking powers.

It’s for real, and even better

  • you feel impact
  • you shape the story, become part of history
  • you find true love

You actually experience re-incarnation of your Hero self in the shape of THIS world. A world that, beyond the city limits, is full of miracles and beautiful creatures – and it is threatened with destruction. 

It’s a really urgent time for heros.

Now live your hero self for real.

We mean it.


Your Role is to Support

  • Are you worried about the kids, animals, the planet?
  • Do you wish to see Youth Leadership thrive in your city?
  • Do you want schools to be awesome spaces of learning
  • Do you feel love and gratitude for teen heroInes?

With us

  • you can help them achieve their dreams
  • benefitting people and planet
  • interact live, and plan initiatives
  • connect them as trainers to local youth
  • spread youth leadership to schools, citizens, media …

evoking quick, relevant, cascading effects



We design to empower you to make efficient, big changes, easily, embedded in your daily life, doing what you do anyway, and adding things you love doing.

We design so that it enriches your life also!

Our diversity of options is enormous, since

  • we collaborate with hundreds of changemakers
  • we empower you as citizen, parent, volunteer
  • and for your and others’ workplaces
  • we listen to you and tailor projects for you

Please spend time exploring, and connect to learn more via newsletters

Join the Boost! Club, if possible, take the Crash Course. 

You can join a little or full-time. Here are brief previews 



Act casually, make impact, using simple steps.

Our tools help you unfold untapped powers and poten-tials, at little to no effort, enriching your personal and professional life.

Your role is to inspire and support. Proposed activities include those of Messengers.

You can in the background, invisible to us, or form local teams (Boost! Club Units), join Live Meetings, support inspired youth and more.

  • Connect to social media and newsletters, learn on-the-go
  • Take the Crash Course if possible
  • Join the Boost! Club to support heroInes, nurture local youth leadership, opportunities to involve your workplace, and in-kind support

Simply sign up, do what comes easy, follow your intuition. We’re here to help.


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Volunteers Messengers


If you wish to see Youth Leadership thrive in your city, this is your dream role!

  • Take the Crash Course to get to know Youth Leadership, and y/our Resources
  • Spread the spirit online, seed media, give Presentations, organize Exhibits, Workshops, support inspired youth teams, network with local Allies …
  • Document, Share Experiences with us, social, news media

Start as individual, eventually evolve a Local Chapter.

You’ll be vital part of our tribe, in real-time collaboration with our staff and heroInes.

Since you are driven by your love for people and planet, it is up to you how much time you invest. You can easily contact a dozen schools, and seed to 100 spaces. We’d be thrilled!

Simply unlock the tools online, and get involved step by step. We are here to help.

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Use our tools

  • to nurture youth leadership
  • among your youth, in the city
  • connect with schools

Team up

  • for tailor-made activities
  • as school, city, organization
  • news medium, publisher
  • company …
  • activist …

Finance, support in-kind

  • articles, interviews, adspace
  • print, distribute, publish
  • book speakers
  • app design
  • social media campaigns
  • travel, accomodation
  • goodies, prizes

etc. for our work in general, specific projects, and FOR HERO/INES

Simply have a look around, follow your intuition and get in touch. Let us do great things together!

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