Can we talk like Adults?

The teen heroInes have shifted from fan to ATHLETE mode. Can we do the same, please? 


  • what responsibility is
  • what professionalism is
  • with an attention span over 20 seconds

let’s get serious about helping the kids overcome the challenges, and create a good world, starting with this bottom line:

1. We have a planet to save

2. You can easily reach thousands

3. introducing something unprecedented

4. generating impact too big to neglect

5. for the next 70 years

so, time here is well spent.

Get a cup of tea, or wine, and ponder

your dreams for the Earth

your aspirations for youth

for a million species under threat

for your life over the next decades

with some pleasant music (here’s our playlist)

We have plenty of options to act casually, freestyle as an individual, online, as volunteer, as a professional, and to form TEAMS. 

Please take some time exploring this page and select steps that you can take in your setting. It should be plenty. 

Thank you for taking the great quest of our era seriously. Happy Discovery!

Before we go into details

Simple Steps We All Can Take 

and they have a lot of effect

INFORM 1,000

on the exciting youth leadership phenomenon, using our page links, videos, stories, flyers, posters, books, and personal conversations with friends, workplace, news media, in public

RAISE 1,000

for badass heroInes, using simple steps, tools, tricks, in your social, workplace, media, and public environment


of our High Impact Starter Actions; book drives, Philanthro-Party, exhibit, and more, linked with heroInes’ initiatives


on youth leadership, heroines, instant actions, power of student clubs

to a class at school, a youth chapter of an organization, or motivated adults

1. Discover youth leadership

2. Get better informed than anyone you know

3. Stay connected to learn more on-the-go, get involved spontaneously, ask questions, be part

Easy. Now, let’s sharpen your senses for where and how to tap into sleeping potentials for boosting youth leadership and positive changes your heart longs to see at home and abroad.

There are loads of them – now that you have our resources, tools and support.

First of all, we all agree

Youth Leadership is Priority #1 

for our young generation to protect, restore and create a world of peace and sustainability

Everybody loves Youth Leadership
It embodies our greatest hopes – for YOUTH, as well as for people, planet, our future. Horray!

Across generations and cultures, people agree

  • “The most inspirational I’ve ever seen.”
  • “This should be at all schools.”

So let’s do this and let’s do it fast!

All it takes is inspiration through a Presentation, forming a youth crew, supported by our global tribe, and friendly local Adult Allies, whose lives are greatly enriched through these young hero/ines. Win-Win!

It's great for Education
78% of Teachers say it enriches their profession, 91% discover leadership skills in their students

It boosts learning culture, student-powered activities

It helps achieve the Purpose of Schooling : “nurturing able, active citizens of a democratic-libertarian society, that is also sustainable, in a peacefully collaborating global family of nations.”

Adults suck at all that.

We all have a right that school restores its purpose, so that our future is safe.

It creates able, active Citizenry
and this entire young generation can grow up with it, daily, for their 10 formative years.

So let’s get started, today, with high priority.

It's good for all Youth
  • It creates friends, confidence


  • they need to learn to be entirely different from adult generations or they’ll helplessly slide into collapse
It creates peace, joy, abundance for people and planet
in other words

  • it implements humanity’s finest solutions
  • changing lives, laws and industries
  • at record pace and scale
Adults are bound - Youth are free to act & upgrade
Adults are bound by

  • lack of time, they work, run the family
  • lack of spirit; they didn’t grow up as heros

Youth have unique superpowers

  • can act 2 to 12 hours daily
  • passion, pure spirit, innocent
  • dynamic, heroism, adventure, fun
  • daily school community of 100s, for years
  • good status with media, funders
So – let us all do our part to quickly establish Youth Leadership in your city,

at schools, in media, in public space – with support from workplaces and organizations

To do this, each of us can act through different channels and from different angles.

Our main asset are caring people, who wish youth leadership to thrive, locally and globally

You can REACH many Caring People

100s, 1,000s and more – this is how change happens

We are all Caring Citizens
We all love hero and solution stories,

are ready to support teen heros

and to get involved in positive activities.

Internet is (only) 1 thing
post, share, like, comment

Call people to get involved

  • funding your fav hero/ines
  • reaching milestones
  • seeding in their town

Meet hero/ines LIVE

  • in our video meets
  • with your group, a nearby school

Track, document, celebrate achievements!

All this reaches, inspires, activates people.

We all have Friends
they have workplaces

are member of organizations

each with lots of caring citizens

with resources, skills and services

We all know Parents
Some of us are parents…

and they love hero books, calendars, family activities, volunteering, cool actions to make school more awesome

We have access to "Spaces"
cafe, park, library, school, town hall, events

  • to reach many people
  • to be spiced up with uplifting content

also rooms, gardens, space along the river

  • for workshops, meet-ups
  • summer camps, retreats
  • free stays for heroInes

and access to 

  • Hollywood galas
  • celebrity b’day parties
  • conferences
  • philanthropy conferences
  • kind royals
There's Media
and we can write to them

  • letters to the editor
  • pitch stories
  • offer collaboration
  • telling of our actions with the Boost! Club, at schools, with local inspired crews …


We can reach all youth daily at schools for ten years, to empower them to grow up implementing humanity’s finest solutions in real-time collaboration with today’s Gandhis.

We can reach ADULTS DAILY at their workplace. To inform them, inspire them to team up, donate, support in-kind, and spread the message via their communities and media to the greater public.

Our colleagues, employees and bosses (oh yea!) are caring citizens, parents, people with ideas. Also in high paying, dynamic businesses.

We can easily reach staff and customers  

  • Everybody can lay out flyers. There’s waiting rooms and canteens, newsletters …
  • Everybody has caring colleagues. Share your passion, stories, view our site with them
  • We have resources like desktop calendars, books, posters for exhibits, videos … all you need to reach many peops daily – inform, inspire, throw Philanthro-Parties …

We can harness skills, resources, capital and relations 

  • How about in-kind services like printing, app design, your newsletter, articles, ads, workshop rooms, yummy goodies, yoga treats, canoeing trips for local hero/ines?
  • How about advanced challenges for staff, trainees – teaming up with hero/ines for projects
  • How about contacts – “access” – to precious people?

Imagine 100 workplaces in town getting involved.

Contact us for questions & ideas. Let’s #BeMoreAwesome !

It’s not hard work. It’s fun, quick, easy.

Simple Steps can evoke BIG Impact

Impact means 1.) Inspired people 2.) Promoting Solutions 3.) New Teams 4.) Steps changing lives, laws, industries

1 Book

inspires a child for life, with positive worldview on youth- and people power, hero role models, global cuses, solutions, action opportunities …

1 Article

in a newsletter, publication, local news reaches 100s, 1,000’s of people, sparking

  • support
  • teams
  • demand as speakers

1 Hour

is enough to distribute 100 micro-magazines or 1,000 flyers in cafes and public space

On Social Media

you can reach, inform, inspire 10 to 100 people in a day or week

1 Friend

can connect to 100’s more people, get a business involved, a journalist, distribute 1,000 flyers, donate $100, space for workshops, book a speaker, connect with celebrities …

1 Shop or Cafe

can display

  • flyers
  • micro-magazines
  • a donation box

reaching 1,000’s, who get involved in various form, generating $1,000’s for people and planet

Make sure to think of School

with 100s of youth – and you are welcome there

1 Presentation

at school inspires

  • 90+% of students
  • instant action
  • a student club

1 Fundraiser

can generate $1,000+ for a young hero/ine

$2,500 enable Pooja to bring 25,000 poor kids into school, for ten years

1 Book Drive

1 book per student can generate

  • 1,000+ good books
  • worth $10,000+

for aboriginal community schools, on a single day

1 Live Meeting

with a hero/ine – epic! – can spark countless follow-up activities

1 Student Club

  • reaches all classes
  • organizes exhibits
  • sets up stands

with year-round action

  • involving the entire school community
  • implementing dozens of solutions
  • generating media presence
  • reaching to other schools

1 Person

can do this. And more.

We’re all EXPERTS of “life at school”. We know that this is great stuff.

Imagine this at every school, with adults in 100 local businesses involved, year-round. 

You have the tools to lay an exciting foundation at each school in town.


We focus on 6 Activities & Roles

“Do I have to join the Organization?”

No. We collaborate informally, as a civil movement of caring citizens. You can be part

  • freestyle (unlocking and using our resources)
  • semi-formal (signing up as team)
  • formal (as local or online volunteer)


“Can I support Young Hero/ines?”


Donate, fundraise, support in-kind, mobilize the workplace

This is for you if you are an adult citizen and wish to make positive change part of your daily life at home, work and public, in casual ways without constraints of conventional organizations.

Enjoy the fantastic experience!

live your values, feel your agency

see impact unfold online

bring in ideas, team up

meet live, celebrate

even go visit!

Uplift your daily life and working days with purpose and win-win benefits – by investing minutes, idling resources, doing what you’re doing anyway, and always wanted to do.

You can also form a team and get on our global map.


“Can I support local youth?”


1. Seed media packs to schools, books to libraries, flyers, micromags in cafes, canteens, waiting rooms … and

2. Support inspired youth teams financially, in-kind, team up for initiatives

It’s a super enriching experience. If you like to cultivate local youth leadership, you can join us as YL Messenger (see below) and

3. Give presentations, organize exhibits, and mentor inspired teams

You can also form a team and get on our global map.


“I wish to integrate this in my work.”


Teachers, Journalists, Organizations, Librarians, Public Servants

This is for you if you wish to upgrade your profession, add societal relevance, meaning, can-do feeling, action, interaction and impact.

Use stories, videos, music, actions, field partners, tips and tricks to animate your students, audience, citizenry, and add purpose to your work. 

Explore our website, follow your intuition and get in touch.


“We’d like to team up for something beautiful”


Changemakers, Organizations, Foundations, Celebrities, Companies, Media, Cities

This is for you if you wish to boost Youth Leadership alongside your core campaigns.

Team up to empower youth, collaborate with schools, nurture an active citizenry. 

Explore our website, follow your intuition and get in touch.


Use our tools

  • to nurture youth leadership
  • among your youth, in the city
  • connect with schools

Team up

  • for tailor-made activities
  • as school, city, organization
  • news medium, publisher
  • company …
  • activist …

Finance, support in-kind

  • articles, interviews, adspace
  • print, distribute, publish
  • book speakers
  • app design
  • social media campaigns
  • travel, accomodation
  • goodies, prizes

etc. for our work in general, specific projects, and FOR HERO/INES


“I wish to spread youth leadership in my city”


This is for you if you are a talkative type and wish to see Youth Leadership thrive in your city, enjoy face2face interaction with inspired youth and caring allies. This can become a life’s mission!

Seed flyers, give presentations, network, organize exhibits, organize workshops, freestyle fundraisers etc., support inspired youth.

Sign up with CHANGE GENERATION RISING, take the Crash Course tutorial, unlock the tools online, get involved step by step, and interact with YL staff. We are here to help.

One can start as one person, and will likely find Allies to form a Local Chapter.


This is more formal, for “quality control” and making sure that you have access to the best resources for self-training. 

  • Take the Crash Course to get to know youth leadership, and y/our resources
  • Spread the spirit online, seed media, give presentations, organize exhibits, workshops, support inspired youth teams, network with local allies …
  • Document, share experiences with us, social, news media

Start as individual, eventually evolve a Local Chapter.

You’ll be vital part of our tribe, in real-time collaboration with our staff and heroInes.

Since you are driven by your love for people and planet, it is up to you how much time you invest. You can easily contact a dozen schools, and seed to 100 spaces. We’d be thrilled!


“Can I help online?”


Co-create YOUTH-LEADER Magazine, educational media and social media with us.

This is for you if you wish to see Youth Leadership thrive in your city, and enjoy interaction with inspired youth and caring allies.

Research heros, solutions, write, translate, edit, manage social media, assist staff, in 17 languages.

Sign up with CHANGE GENERATION RISING, take the Crash Course tutorial, unlock the tools online, and get involved step by step. We are here to help.


Love writing?

Be part of YL Magazine – research, write, translate, edit hero & solution stories, do interviews, transcribe videos, manage our global team and crews map and more

Love communicating?

Coordinate our volunteer writer, translation etc teams and / or  do social media work

Love art, graphic design?

Design YL Magazine, online, print, brochures, twitter and fb ads, short video clips, gifs … using our fresh, exciting hero materials!

Let’s help all kids be awesome





Discover more on-the-go