Team Up as NGO, Business, Institution, Teacher

aligned with your professional focus, skills and goals

We are co-shaping the STORY of the rising Change Generation. A story of creative genius, people power and intergenerational collaboration. The broad CONTEXT enables you to become part of the NARRATIVE as a mix of fan, elder facilitator and determined PROTAGONIST. Your part can be brief and superficial, or long-term, profound and avantgarde.


Empowering the Change Generation calls on all of us to get involved. And quickly.

You are probably not aware of the many in/formal ways that you can be part. We’ll highlight some on this page. And once a spark is set in your sphere, we can certainly expand on it, aligned with your ideas, locale and priorities.

Adults at the workplace are super important. Please connect, do something and discover more on the go.

It deserves mention that making YOUTH LEADERSHIP and CHANGEMAKING part of your work life has many merits and benefits also for your professional aspirations. Check them out below.

View what it does to your life!

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Teachers / Schools

_ use our stories and videos as Add-Ons to bring global issues to life with real-life role models, media, solutions, interaction with authentic social media, current developments and opportunity for contributions in form of donations, projects and local activities.

_ use teaching tools, presentation and workshop packs for long-term integration of youth leadership in learning culture

_ collaborate with student clubs as role models, mentors, assistant teachers, especially on global issues and projects and on occasion of United Nations Theme Days through the year; view YL CURRICULUM and YL@SCHOOL

_ use our Action Guides and Badges for goal-oriented projects

_ design courses on Youth Leadership using our resources and services

_ book Speakers

_ develop Field Partnerships with HeroInes for multi-faceted long-term programs


_ involve us in campaigns for their focus causes, adding new angles based on our heroInes’ good pactice examples, positive news philosophy, interaction with youth, schools, the citizenry and connecting with international partners.

They also use our popular kick-off tools : The Presentation Kit, Workshop Pack and Poster Exhibit to reach to youth, into schools, to inspire youth, and empower self-organization. They also offer their support, invite youth to join their initiatives, and use the Fundraising Mega Pack to diversify their fundraising efforts.

Journalists / Media

_ use our hero / solution stories

  • to upgrade focus from problems to solutions
  • using role models, teen heroInes, vivid visual imagery
  • in particular on UNITED NATIONS Theme Days like water, girls, forests, oceans, teachers etc.

_ learn positive news media culture

  • for better reader relevance, response, involvement and empowerment

_ collaborate on

  • calls for nominations
  • UN Day columns
  • positive news editions

Businesses & Entrepreneurs

_ seed our media

  • to staff, clients and customers

_ adopt their district

  • seed media packs to schools
  • offer mentoring to inspired youth teams

_ boost heroInes with funds and in-kind support

_ team up for tailored campaigns on their fav causes

_ sponsor prizes and YL Summer Camp participation

Donors, Funders, Sponsors

_ support our programs

_ team up for campaigns on their focus causes

_ finance YL Summer Camps for young activists

to better nurture youth leadership in their communities and focus regions



team up for bringing our media to the people

  • books
  • coloring and activity books
  • calendars
  • cardgame
  • teaching tools

in their country, their region

Cities / Councils

team up for distribution of our Teen Hero Media Packs

  • to schools, libraries and youth clubs

co-organize campaigns and events

  • with focus on youth leadership
  • responding to local needs

also involving

  • our resources, music, hero speakers …

Public Libraries

_ set up a Youth Leadership section

  • with our and friends’ media

_ inform staff how to best inform teachers, students, youth and parents

_ host YL Poster Exhibits

_ collaborate with local YL Chapters and Crews

  • for film nights, presentations, workshops…


_ involve YL teen and adult Speakers

_ include action

  • in support of teen and twen HeroInes
  • with YL Crew stands, walk-acts and activities

_ upgrade ambience

  • with Change Generation music
  • with teen heroIne poster exhibits

_ involve audiences, invite contributions

  • by schools
  • via media
  • pre- and post-event

Add Purpose

How can you be PART of the shift to a global, peaceful, just thriving and sustainable civilization?

In the new, emerging good civilization, every entity is an able co-creator and steward. Let’s do this now.

The upgrade begins with spreading the spirit. There’s no risk, it’s pure upliftment making people happy and involved. And then your local ecosystem will respond with human creativity.

Take the Pledge, choose your role, get active.

Reminder : You can also make informal workplace contributions.