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and take action attuned to your lifestyle; a little, on occasion or full-time.


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We are co-shaping the STORY of the rising Change Generation. A story of creative genius, people power and intergenerational collaboration. The broad CONTEXT enables you to become part of the NARRATIVE as a mix of fan, elder facilitator and determined PROTAGONIST. Your part can be brief and superficial, or long-term, profound and avantgarde.

YL is for Everybody

Join today’s HeroInes in Action!

We begin by boosting the work of heroInes we love. As each of us progress, grow our skills, community and media presence, you can gradually bring in your own initiatives, and become ever brighter part of shaping the herstory of the new emerging Good Civilization.

Found a Team

and take action attuned to your lifestyle

A World-Premiere!

  • support, scale, join and replicate model solutions
  • join global campaigns
  • take year-round action
  • evoke massive impact
  • bring in own causes
  • earn badges


You are the game changer.

No adults have equal potential to you, as a person and as a collective. It’s fact, even if you are a total newbie. That’s because of the Superpowers of Young People at School. You can learn and unfold them with us. If you are on fire, easy.

This makes youth age 8-18 the heart of our program.

Your role is action beyond limits and you got all our support.


Beyond words. If you care for people and planet, join, get started, discover miraculous opportunities and make it even better with us!


Take action on favorite causes. A super influential space is school. That’s why we suggest that you (also) form student clubs.

Student Clubs

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Warrior Clans

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have an extremely important role to play! Don’t you dare shy away.

We need you to be an adult now: a guardian protecting and restoring a world of peace, dreams and abundance for the kids. We don’t ask you to help us – but to act with us.

Your role is to inform and support.

View what it does to your life!

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We know that your life is buzy. You need not spend much time or money. Our simple steps for brief, efficient actions can generate remarkable results AND add value to your workplace.

Align involvement with your lifestyle, workplace, ideals and aspirations, bring in your own ideas, make new friends, new allies, and even benefit professionally.

It is an entirely new and highly rewarding experience that adds meaning, fulfillment, inspiration, surprise and even adventure to your days. Take some time exploring, get connected and discover our world on the go.


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You are our special darlings, because you are our generation’s greatest allies. Why? Because you are at their one and only daily hangout, the space that shapes all youth for ten plus years. Whether you grant or deny permission for youth to learn and live youth leadership decides the future of the generation as a collective. This scope of shared worldview, passion, agreements and skills will not be developed after they graduate; that’s when they are formed and are buzy, stuck, fragmented into their job and family lives. Fact. Never before has your profession been this important for the future of humanity, and all life on the planet. Yes, I know – isn’t that some awesome responsibility? Well, it’s the purpose of schooling and you’re right there. This is your time. Come on, we wouldn’t write this if we weren’t entirely convinced that you and us, and the luminuous youth around you couldn’t make that happen.

Find out more. (Teachers, YL at School fll scope, Victory Lane, the roadmap for establishing youth leadership at school)


have a supportive role. Unfold sleeping potentials taking quick simple steps with significant impact. Highly rewarding, enriching our buzy lives. You’ll love it.

Boost! Club Unit

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Boost! Club Outpost

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YL Chapter

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We have a lot of partner options. Here are examples.


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Businesses & Entrepreneurs

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Journalists & Media

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Donors, Funders, Sponsors, In-kind Supporters

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You have powers like no one before.

A note from our founder on your game changing potentials

The solutions exist.

Knowing this – how much action will you take? A little bit or swing yourself up to massive action? I know what I seek, and so do the teen heroInes working around the clock who we all admire for the hope they give us. I feel not only inspired. I also feel responsible. How can I leave the task to them, and sit back comfortable, as the world goes down? I feel it would make me part of the problem. And if I take action and make efforts, I feel it makes me very much part of the solution. And this comes with so many rewards, upliftment, magical moments and, gifts and opportunities that I know this is the best choice to make.

I hope that millions more will choose this. Since then, it’s really EASY for all of us together to end the suffering, the worries, … and create a world of awesome. So, why sit idle and put up with it?

If you’re unsure but it gives you a smile to be nudged for a challenge – take the Warrior Month Challenge. And see if it hasn’t given you sparks of magic. Also, it puts you in the know of the wildest stuff going on on the planet – youth leadership – and you’ll forever know that when you need it, you know where to find it. And point other people to it, who need it. That already, is being part of positive change.

Would you tell someone that their house is burning? Or better not disturb people in their sleep, or their sheepish apathy in face of the flames.

The future of all species and generations to come depends on YOU, and our time window to avoid or navigate drastic collapse is short!

Adult generations are not able nor willing to change their ways and protect you and your future. Seriously.

So, connect, take the test month, have some entertaining moments with inspirational videos, feel can-do spirit, and hack into life around you, seeding some sparks of inspiration, observing people’s reaction, and see how much support you can generate for humanity’s finest teen and twen heroInes. I think we agree they deserve it. So, come on, take it as a game, an adventure. And if you like it – stay with it, scale it up. I’m sure you will. Whatever level you choose.


“Never let anyone tell you you cannot change the world.”

Craig Kielburger


“Our generation can change everything. What an exciting time to be alive!”

Xiuhtezcatl Martinez

Earth Guardians

“You cannot oppress people who are not afraid.”

Erica Fernandez

stopped construction of a dirty factory

“We need YL in all of our schools.”


Books With No Bounds


QUICKLY empowering the Change Generation involves all of us.

You are super important.

You are not aware of the many ways that you can make significant contributions – or your city’s youth would already be champs and have changed everything. That’s okay, but now it’s time to do what we all really care for, have fun and shape history.

We show you how to get started, and how to respond as things begin to unfold organically.

View superpowers & win-win benefits for various groups below.