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We establish

  • content- and project-oriented partnerships
  • with outstanding pacemakers of positive change
  • in every part of the globe

These partnerships are based on mutual respect:

  • our partners are the true innovators, hero/ines, geniuses of our time
  • their work is the most important of our time; everybody should know and get involved
  • our purpose is to serve them in every possible way to best disseminate their message and build support for their work, inspire and facilitate replication in every part of the planet
  • by connecting to important spheres yet basically untouched and untapped

Our partners recognize our unique commitment and approach; our collaboration is based on shared values for the great common cause and an understanding of global “changemaker family”. This makes our collaboration very cordial, casual, win-win, project-oriented and fun.


We spread their model solutions to every corner of the world, to serve them, their mission and humanity

  • We select and design media for communicating their model solution and message
  • with teaching tips for use at school, action tips enabling support, collaboration and replication
  • for leading readers to their websites, better connecting with schools, and equipping their community for more action
  • We promote their media, speaker services and actively include them in YL community, webcast and event activities
  • We also connect them to each other


We feature their work

  • in our media, design educational media
  • to equip their network to better reach into schools and mobilize people
  • to provide inspiration, training and tools for their young members
  • to inspire youth to join their national and local chapters

They have access to our media, methods and services

  • to schools, youth and public libraries
  • at events and in public
  • to spark a culture of youth leadership
  • to involve teachers and students in their offers
  • to add to their campaigns
logo-yes The stellar twen youth leadership community
logo-ftclogo-metowe The world’s biggest teen youth movement in schools, making positive changes at home and abroad.
Earth-Guardians-200 Pioneering change generation music, powerful positive activism, reconnecting with sacred traditions, and living 50 ways of sustainable lifestyle.
logo-lemonaid Making fundraising and support for our favourite causes part of lifestyle and life at school.
logo-ddd Turning still good food away from dumps to people in need, raising free fresh foods for the needy by 10x and more.
logo-krtk Mobilizing the young generation’s voice for labelling of GMOs, de-bunking myths, proper, ethical scientific testing on long-term health impacts of GMOs, chemicals and toxins used in food production, stopping bee die-off, – and shifting to healthy food abundance.
ConserveItForward Promoting wetland habitat exploration, conservation and restoration, delivering education through website, workshops and summer camps, establishing youth-led local chapters, educating on vegan lifestyle and factory farm impact on 50% of climate change, ecosystem destruction and disease.
vegania-nation Promoting veganism and the recognition of animals and non-human persons, based on compassion, love and science.
logo-omg Raising our generation’s awareness, voice and action for keeping the magnificient, fascinating grand wild species of Africa and beyond alive, for our children to see.
logo-volunteennation Premiere youth-powered platform connecting teens with volunteering opportunities.
logo-genup Awakening us for big picture of our era, re-framing the story of our generation, and making shifts towards a peaceful, sustainable society
 VEGYOUTH Thriving network of vegan / vegetarian student club at schools and colleges.
logo-ecoclubes Purely youth-powered club network in thirty countries, enabling any positive change activity, from arts to campaigns, environment to children’s rights. With full charity status. Perfect for YL Warrior Clans
logo-skateistan Groundbreaking work using skateboarding for peacebuilding, resilience and education across gender, class and cultures in post-crisis regions.
logo-roots-and-shoots The world’s biggest youth-powered environmental organization, founded by Jane Goodall.
logo-imatter Uniting and amplifying the young voice for climate justice, sueing the U.S. government for wrecking the future.
logo-seashephered Sea Shepherd.
logo-shark-angels Shark Angels.
logo-oceana Oceana.
logo-unslut The Un-Slut
 logo-cure-violence Cure Violence.
 Peace-X-Peace-100x100 Peace X Peace.
logo-redbrigade The Red Brigade
logo-balance Balance Edutainment.
logo-ecocide Make Ecocide a Crime Against
  logo-ssh Stop Street Harassament.
Victory Amazon Law. website
logo-earthcharter Earth Charter Initiative.
logo-council-of-canadians Blue Communities.
logo-charter-for-compassion The Charter for Compassion. www.charterforc


We republish stories

  • from outstanding media platforms, institutions and organizations
  • to inform the global public
  • to connect our audience to these precious knowledge environments
logo-etp Eco-Tipping Points Project.
 logo-hub hub network.
  logo-shareable Shareable.
 logo-eemp What If We Change.
logo-iucn IUCN.
logo-epi Earth Policy Institute.
logo-wfc World Future Council.
logo-smallplanet Small Planet Institute.
logo-ethicalmarkets Ethical Markets.
logo-justvision Just Vision.
Uri Avnery. website
logo-changemakers Changemakers.
logo-pss Project for Public Spaces PPS.
logo-ouishare Ouishare.
ASA-Logo-200x100-full-text The Amphibians Survival Alliance.
logo-jfs Japan for Sustainability.
logo-worldwatch Worldwatch Institute.
Gaia Foundation.
George Monbiot.
logo-transcend Transcend International.


We support activists and organizations with our network’s relations, tools and competences

  • to reach a bigger audience
  • to build support and scale their work
  • to empower youth to learn and apply the solutions

We do so by

  • designing media, exhibits and campaigns
  • in multiple languages
  • to reach into schools
  • to present at events
  • promoting them as speakers
  • involving them in UN Day webcasts
  • connecting them with other changemakers


feature our stories

  • to inspire their audience
  • to involve their audience
  • especially on occasion of UNITED NATIONS Days
  • creating weekly comlumns and series on youth and changemakers

co-produce media on youth leaders

  • interviews
  • films

join our mission

  • by inviting reader submissions of young hero/ines
  • for developing regional and national editions
  • equipping their readership with media to reach out to schools and community
logo-solutions Solutions
logo-noticiaspoistivas Noticias Positivas.
logo-ecowalk Eco Walk The Talk.
logo-ted TED.
logo-compathos Compathos Foundation.
logo-kosmos Kosmos Journal.
logo-yes Yes! Magazine.
logo-globalvices Global Voices.
logo-cowspiracy Cowspiracy.



We provide high quality media

  • resources
  • school book contents
  • versatile teaching tools
  • for formal, informal and non-formal use

and services

  • methods
  • speakers
  • inter/national field partners
  • student club community

on many global and sustainability issues, as well as

  • presenters
  • trainers
  • consultants


  • presentations
  • youth action days
  • student club programs
  • a non-formal curriculum
  • inter/national projects
  • school development

and more

We work with donors, funders, kind businesses and sponsors

  • for spreading a culture of youth leadership
  • for amplifying and scaling successful projects
  • for scaling important innovative campaigns
  • for supporting humanity’s finest changemakers


  • distributing YL Media Packs to schools
  • organizing presentations and workshops
  • organizing youth action days and UN Day webcasts
  • developing youth-led projects and campaigns
  • directly supporting youth-led ventures


  • finance
  • in-kind support
  • mentoring (e.g. by entrepreneurs)
  • campaign support (e.g. by trainees)
  • sponsoring awards and prizes
  • travel grants

incl. tailored cooperation on investors’ priority

  • regions
  • causes

and more