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YL has Status as

Official Project of the UNITED NATIONS Decade of Education for Sustainable Development DESD 2005-2014. UNESCO

UNESCO is in charge of coordinating the UNITED NATIONS DESD around the planet. Part of this global effort of upgrading education curricula and learning culture to enable the first generations qualified to shape peaceful and sustainable urban societies on Planet Earth is to highlight extraordinary educational programs and partners – since these are outside the conventional frameworks of education.

Youth-LeadeR has been given this status, with special mention of “Outstanding Value for Citizen & Youth Empowerment.” Throughout the decade, official projects had to renew their status, proving their growth, scaling and evolution. YL was among the first projects to be honored in 2005, and is among a small handful of projects that have held this status through the ten years of the decade. YL was also present at the World Conferences at the half-time and closing of the decade.

YL’s Director, Eric, is Member of the National Round Table for the Implementation of the UNITED NATIONS Decade of Education for Sustainable Development, ESD 2005-2014 in Germany. His impulse has made “Empowerment for Youth Leadership” one of three year 2012 priorities for ESD in Germany.







The UN Decade for ESD 2005-2014 has been created to introduce  new learning culture in schools.

This new era urgently requires new complex learning contents and methods – beyond the conventional syllabus that has not nurtured the knowledge, worldview, skills and competences for achieving in the 21st Century.

Part of it can be conveyed in formal classroom settings. But only the theory. And – just like only teaching theory of music, or sport – without practice is … meagre. Close to nothing.

The implementation of sustainability solutions, from new policies to production, rights and governance, from forests to oceans, community and healthy food abundance… means active changemaking activities.

They can only be learned and the solutions realized in informal co-creative, self-organized and project-oriented learning settings. The epitome of this is the kind of YOUTH LEADERSHIP demonstrated by the teenage changemakers featured in YL.

This is beyond service-learning, fundraising or a school garden. It means implementing novel sustainability solutions with real impact, with real changemakers. The real thing.

Youth-LeadeR is offering an absolutely UNIQUE scope and quality of media, methods and services, scientific back-up and educational definitions for facilitating this new learning culture, encompassing new acknowledgement, understanding, support and integration of “our new highly gifted” as student leaders and assistant teachers, in simple, already common ways.

Our Youth Leadership CURRICULUM is the ultimate combination of everything we know, have learned and compiled with hundreds of partners in sectors of changemaking, youth leadership, education and media, through the decade from all parts of the globe.

We continue the quest, in support and alliance with global programs like the Decade’s follow-up Global Action Program, the UN Secretary General’s Education First Initiative (contributing especially to enabling Global Citizenship Education), the United Nations Decade on Biodiversity 2011-2020 and more.