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backed by caring adults

Make youth leadership omni-present taking swift, simple steps.


The YL School Program

We offer the response to your need to empower the young generation for able, active, caring citizens with exciting, authentic, current, even “live” multimedia, real-time collaboration between students, teachers and today’s Einsteins and Gandhis, and once again making schools a lighthouse of innovation in their communities.

We help you integrate positive action for people and planet in/formally without stress on finance, time or training aligned with the purpose of schooling, enriching learning culture, nurturing intrinsic motivation, creativity, collaboration and the community

  • carried by changemaker student clubs – that you know from media, from awards, the kind that makes principals proud and restores humanity’s hope for our future
  • harnessing untapped powers of parents and partners – in the local and global education ecosystem, / Bildungslandschaft.
The purpose of schooling

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Use resources in class

as add-ons to bring global issues alive with current, vivid, authentic stories, the finest role models, young and alive, with relevant solutions for young people to wield, empowered to follow their example and create the world they wish to see, and backed by a global community of like-hearted youth and adult allies.

Crash Course

Do it properly.

Give your entire class a solid initiation to youth leadership.

  • Introduce them to a wide scope of hero*ines and causes
  • Immerse them in vivid stories, rich visuals, videos and music
  • Initiate instant actions in support of fav hero*ines initiatives

with fabulous feedback (90+% agree that youth leadership is inspirational, important, should be part of life at school). Unite fired-up youth to form a student club and follow up. 

Changemaker Student Clubs


Connect with them to plan ahead for upcoming UN Days of Youth, Water, Peace, Teachers etc. They are your perfect role models and experts with many stories and talents to share – also to coach inspired students.

Year-round Calendar of Action

our global community and media channels sustain a year-round stream of activities aligned with UNITED NATIONS theme days.

This year-round calendar of action provides you an excellent framework, resources, purpose, structure, as well as opportunity to connect with partners in media, civil society, city and citizenry to grow community, reach and impact.

Our youth teams use it to sustain inspiration and a multi-faceted drumbeat of action.


Youth leaders and teams can gain badges for completed missions. They can also be used to set goals, track progress and achievements in club and semester projects at school.

These badges, their impact, and vivid documentation of their activities generating presence in social, news and YL media add value to their CVs.


resources, community, coaching, partners

FridaysForFuture @ School

begin making sense


showing that your school leads the world by making youth leadership part of learning culture

Meet Speakers LIVE

Encounter today’s real hero*ines

  • via skype, at school or events
  • for presentations, workshops, crash courses

to inspire positive vision, actions, as highlight of programs, as kick-off for follow-up projects.

Collaborate with world-famous Changemakers

Study solution stories of teenage hero*ines and veritable Gandhis and Einsteins of today with grand solutions for people and planet, and get involved, as class, project or club.

  • Restore ecosystems and peace, build arks, save species, rebuild a bond with our natural world and wildlife, establish Earth Law, assess new technologies on their dangers and benefits, and re-define and create positive news with us! 

Instill positive worldview of shaping the Anthropocene – to no longer feel disempowered or scared! 

Team Up with Field Partners

Establish long-term partnerships with teen / twen hero*ines

  • to take their high impact initiatives to inter/national scale
  • to inspire exciting youth-powered activities
  • to involve your community

Run exciting development projects with other schools and amazing partners : mountain villages in the Himalayas, women defenders in India, Serengeti activists and villages pioneering new programs to protect people and planet in grave need…

You will swiftly see success unfold, change lives, generate media presence, feel your agency, develop community, meet “live”, celebrate achievements – you can even go visit!

It’s also a golden opportunity to add meaning to international  course travel – as initiation, highlight, project, opportunity to document, report back, and boost reach and impact.

Re-discover your local Education Landscape

Education is no longer limited to the classroom. Across the school fence, you have many partners. Museums, music schools, sports clubs. But there are many, many more!

Changemaking connects with win-win benefits – organizations, organic farmers, parks, news media, social entrepreneurs – that have knowledge, spaces and services to share. For free, 

Your changemaker student club will naturally connect with all of them on their path. Let them activate it.

We encourage to start with robust steps, and get the full set of tools that we use to spark and cultivate youth leadership at schools.

In class, as clubs, at fests and beyond.