YL At School

Making Youth Leadership omni-present at school is of paramount importance
for our youth, education, people, planet and our future. Simple!





The Purpose of Schooling

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Right to Learning

the proper skills, worldview, … like heroines, awards…

Our New Highly Gifted

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High Impact Approach

real world, relevant, tangible, feel agency, confidence, leadership (WE data)


Non-formal Approach

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Modular Approach

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Youth-focussed Approach

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Reality Game Approach

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Mozilla Open Badges platform …

Casual Use in Class

Teen hero solution stories are GOLD for use in education. It’s easy for STUDENTS and TEACHERS to introduce them in class for bringing global issues to life.

You can do more with them than you think!

They also open doors for powerful self-organized follow-up by inspired students – for real world change. As a teacher, please familiarize yourself with these opportunities. Sometimes, it only takes a hint, or a few minutes for an additional exercise, encouragement and permission for something unusual, new, extraordinary.

Use as Add-Ons

BRING GLOBAL ISSUES TO LIFE with authentic solution stories, exciting videos, live updates on social media, and role models boosting self-image, courage and intrinsic motivation and countless instant opportunities for self-expression, self-organization and activities that make relevant impact, reach beyond the classroom and uplift learning culture and school culture.

Scroll down for

  • Teaching Tools
  • Skype Speakers
  • Programs
  • Courses
  • Student Clubs!
Role Models

“80% of human behavior is shaped by role models, much of it subconsciously. Copy-paste.” They are also our main asset in phases of transformational learning – as entrepreneurs, mothers, changemakers! They also function via media, which explains a lot.

For forty years, calls for active citizenship were just words on paper, or talking heads on tv. Today, the living example of real heroInes awakens the changemaker’s mind- and feelset in viewers. Thousands of groups sparked by Craig (WE) and Xiuhtezctal (Earth Guardians) are living proof. Now let’s use this.

Local HeroInes

Participating students quickly develop considerable skills, impact, presence in media and the community. As Local HeroInes, they become role models and mentors to younger peers, as well as youth and adults across town – and the nation.

Teachers' Role

_ is to do their buzy job

  • integrating media, tools, programs, services and field partners as they see fit

_ to support the club on demand, give permissions

  • a central HQ space at school
  • year-round actions
  • bake- & lemonaid sales, fundraisers
  • to speak in classes, at other schools
  • to attend conferences, events

_ to collab with the YL Team

  • for presentations, project weeks, partnerships

Mixing in hero stories occasionally is great. And it’s what we want to do year-round; view the YL Curriculum. However, we want more : we want empowered youth crews taking massive year-round action like their famous peers. This requires giving space and time to immerse in youth leadership, experience shared enthusiasm in the entire group, agreeing on encompassing vision for ending suffering and creating a good world for all, finding their own passion for favorite causes, forming teams, agreeing on first steps of action, and making them real. From here, they spread inspiration and build community across classes, to schools, media, the citizenry – with lots of awesome support! – and never stop.

Introduction for establishing Youth Leadership at School


An Introduction to Youth Leadership – a full dose of inspiration with hero story posters, videos, music, action guides and feedback posters. Flexible, modular from 2 to 6 hours.


The session can be frontal or highly interactive, giving each student a hero poster for pre-session homework “research and present your heroIne”, with space for reflection on youth image, personal experiences, local needs, vision for their generation, as well as forming groups on fav causes, deepen study, and formulating mission statements.

Instant Action

for favorite causes and heroInes is possible, rounding off the experience and building a brige “for more”; see follow-up, team, club, advanced workshops.

Form a Team

95+% of youth respect youth leadership, and many are fired up to make it their lifestyle. Use this moment and form a team. Then take the spirit to other classes and grades. If just 2 students per class join the team, it makes 20 to 50 at school, that’s an army! And many others will contribute to actions you organize. This is your moment. Go!

> Unite Inspired Youth

USE . THIS . MOMENT . It is the first time ever that you have touched bottom line on what you care for most. This is the moment of bonding as like-hearted people who are wired for responding and winning in these cataclysmic times of change. Here’s your special tribe. Everybody different. Everybody with talents, willing to support silently, and contribute creatively when the time is right. From a form of group with a framework that keeps this “care & action frequency” alive and facilitates living it in tangible actions. We suggest : crews, clubs and / or clans.

> Found a Student Club

Clubs are common, integrated part of learning culture, and there’s loads more that we can do with it! Your unique chances here are : Tons of model solutions, causes, activities PLUS uniting loads of youth who’d normally act divided in tech, eco, social or magic clubs in one big clan, with captains for specific causes, but tons of folks ready to cheer, join and help when needed. The result: High Impact Student Clubs. A win-win dream for caring teachers, parents, bored students and natural born heroInes. #makeschoolawesome !! Join the tribe!

> Decide on Follow-Up

Close to all students rate youth leadership as new to them, super inspirational, super important for their generation and as something to “have more of at school”. The logical step to shared enthusiasm, fav causes found, concrete mission statements and instant actions is : decision to follow up.

There’s your fire to found a club and rock town! How awesome is that?! It’s also rare and hardly ever possible for teacher to create. We see it happen. We cannot emphasize enough how precious this conscious group experience is. Do it!

Once the club is sparked, action is in the hands of youth. The opportunities are enormous!

Student Club Actions

View how to take over school step by step

Take First Actions

inspired by the Presentation. Our set of Instant High Impact Actions enables a fun and fabulous start with flying banners : simple, concrete actions, involving people, vivid visual documentation for making QUICK impact and headlines on local and social media. Can it get any better?

50+ Teen HeroInes ACTION GUIDES

Each heroIne represents a youth-powered solution. And that means : you can replicate it in your region! Further, with the heroInes’ documented success model, video, interview and action tipps, you can act at high speed, bringing class, school and town to life with 200+ activities, and each of them matters!

50+ Adult Changemaker ACTION GUIDES

Another 50 massive programs with 200+ activities modeled on the groundbreaking innovations of today’s Gandhis and Einsteins, healing and transforming societies’ gravest problems. Sensational stuff, yet ready to promote, scale, adapt and localize by young people!

Pop-Up Exhibit

Scale your reach to schools, libraries and events for greater, long-term presence, reaching hundreds. Add interactive elements, questionnaires for kids, multi-media and actions for fav causes and local campaigns. Use the space for sparking conversations, boosting impact and building community.

Set Up an ISLE

Turn your poster exhibit into a student-powered Informal Sustainability Learning Environment ISLE, serving as Student Club HQ and as co-creative learning environment for the entire school community.


such as Day of forests, food, oceans, girls, teachers, street kids, cities, rural women, peace, families, friendship, as well as equinoxes, Shark Week, Orang Utan Day and in/famous “Talk Like A Pirate Day” are excellent occasions for timing actions through the year and connecting with teachers, media and organizations for greater reach and impact.

For each day, you have a set of heroInes with model solutions and dozens of optional actions. You’re set for fireworks of action for  almost every week of the year! See… that’s impact. That’s Taking Back The Planet!

Present At Other Schools

You’ve gone through the experience of a Presentation. Now bring this gold to to your peers. Spread the spirit, grow the movement and your crew. Add anecdotes from your own experience, first actions, impact and future plans! Teachers and students love it when young changemakers present to their peers. And you’re the hottest crew in town, now. Clear, huh?!

Go Public

No time to wait. Choose your causes and conquer public space. Water walks, fundraisers, exhibits, petitions. Make it fun, involve folks in interviews, photos, ask them for their opinions on teen activists, their wishes for your town, what they can contribute. It grows your reach, impact, community, support and generates fantastic photos in action.

Gain Media Presence

You are the hottest gang in town, you are caring adults’ dream come true. Also, that one good journalist at every news station have been waiting all their life for such local heroInes to bring rocking stories to their audience. Observe our tipps for positive news media coverage, adding passionate calls to get people involved, generate demand as speakers and support for your campaigns. Call your journalists to get out there!

The YL Curriculum

Our informal YL Curriculum makes youth leadership present in all subjects, powered by the student club in collaboration with teachers. The task : sit down with your teacher allies and tell them that all your (lazy) peers need to grow up with a worldview that youth leadership is normal part of life, part of formal education. The goal : Every teacher of your class shall include “teen hero solutions” in their subject once per semester. Be it music, math, arts, science … it’s simple and enriching. So – it’s a go! With ten subjects, that’s ten sessions in 20 weeks, one every fortnight. To students, this feels like “all the time”. Bingo! The rest happens outside class, run by the club.

Need for Training and Pro Skills? We’ve got you covered.

Advanced : Workshops

Master Magic for newbies and experienced activists. Absolutely brilliant!

The Hero’s Journey

From inspiration to action, launching projects and campaigns

Using Roadmaps

  1. following the success trail of mega heroInes
  2. forming groups, reconstructing other heroInes trails
  3. forming groups drafting one’s own next campaign’s Roadmap

using everything you’ve learned, seen and dreamt up at earlier stages. Comes with Roadmaps, 108 Magic Trick Action Cards, 48 Hero Posters and Action Guides.


Put the Fun into Fundraising, for better fun, reach and impact

Based on badass fundraisers and Lulu Cerone’s Lemonaidwarriors Philanthro-Party principles and examples. To be followed up by several actions in spheres of class, school, parents’ workplace and public. Yohaay! Instant Goal : one to ten thousand Dollars / Euros. Piece of pie!

Need a Tribe? We’re with you!

“Live” Services

What’s more exciting than meeting real heroInes in person? You’re in the right place.

Skype Meetings

Wherever you are, we can meet across timezones.

  • at and after school
  • on evenings and week-ends
  • during events
  • to kick off, accompany and round up courses and campaigns



The Youth Leaders in our media are in high demand at schools. Their presence is super inspirational and adds magic to campaigns, action days and events. Make sure to use their presence to the max and : GIVE BACK TO THEM – through fundriasers, book drives, petitions, actions in support of their initiatives and good media work.

Field Partners

Team up for long-term support of outstanding teen and twen changemakers who receive media presence and awards but little tangible support in their own countries (due to poverty, taboos etc.). Plus, take local action inspired and attuned to their campaign. (A) Teachers love this local replication as a “practical transfer to your context”, and (B) in tandem with the heroInes abroad, this makes a perfect story for journalists – (C) raising more support for your common cause.

Highlights: See impact unfold on their social media + print and post a wall display to keep your community informed, inspired and involved + even meet up “Live On Skype” to celebrate achievements and plan further actions.

Field Visit

Holidays are coming : Imagine one of you spending a visit to your partner’s project?! Meet and walk together + keep your community informed online + document your journey + dream up new activities + package your visuals for an exciting report to your tribe, town council and news media (and us!! and your field partner’s stream!) – to further grow your campaign! Yay!

So, how do we integrate changemaking in SUBJECTS and CLASS ACTIVITIES? Try these!

Teaching Tools

These are more than add-ons. They are extraordinary educational activities offering highly valuable experiences. Teachers should definitely use them. But you can also use them as student club.


of teen and adult changemakers combine solution stories, role models, videos, interviews, social media, current activities, and – proposed actions to support, join and replicate the initiatives in simple and advanced form, short- and long-term, at home and abroad.


Change Generation Music – composed by badass changemakers – expressing the spirit of “it’s our planet, our future, and we’ll save them, no matter what!” is THE musical sensation of our time. It’s a MUST for music class, of course. And for every serious changemaker – to feel, learn to sing and rock crowds LIKE Xiuhtezcatl and Holley do. It’s our magic weapon, man!

Hero Theatre

Team up in small crews, and turn your fav hero stories into 5 minute theatre plays. Make it 10 to fill an hour! Use an improvized approach, have fun, it’s about the story, not fine arts. Get it done quick and genius – no need for year-long practice as for Romeo & Juliet. Do this fast – it’s the story that inspires. And your passion! Involve the audience! And : mix in one invented story of a local heroIne responding to a regional need. Have people confused how cool that is and they never heard of him/her! Bonus :

  • Make sure to give space and time to inform, involve, invite the audience to follow up and connect with you for presentations, workshops and joining the movement
  • Add actions, bake and lemonaid sales etc for featured heroInes
  • will you make that invented hero’s story real?

Positive News Edition

News on problems and insane people are useless, and actually part of the problem. The purpose of our media is to uplift us, and in times of crisis : communicate solutions! and boost our courage and vision! Study different froms of new positive change oriented media, their philosphies, scope of stories, reader response, effects on mental well-being and an active citizenry. Then, research global and local positive news from the whole spectrum of society following our very special guidelines – and get published in YL Magazine, on social and regional news media. No doubt!

Radio Show

It’s another cool format for positive news reporting : Radio and Podcasts – easy to integrate in websites, our magazine – and it might just become part of a real regional radio show as other kid and youth crews have done. Study their example and rock it.

Film Production

Well, we know what film does. Now let’s use this medium

  • for positive change docus
  • to get shared go viral
  • to serve as learning resource for other students
  • to inspire action

Film Festival

We got films. You can produce some. That adds up to a film festival! Dude, small or big, anything goes. Add Philanthro-Party feel, multi-media exhibits, music, speakers and skype sessions, walk-acts, micro theatre, family activities (check Wyatt’s claymotion movie Action Guide) … and make it the most magical and uplifting week/-end of the year! Wouah – we can see sooo many exciting photos, films and inspiration emerge from this!

Natural & Cultural Heritage Expedition

Follow Abbie’s and Avalon’s examples :

CULTURE FOCUS : team up in crews of five, each take on a corridor of your region, set out to find, map, document 10 to 20 markers representing tales and legends, historic events, cool look-outs, waterholes … and present / perform it in entertaining, memorable ways to the group, bringing the region alive in people’s minds – so next time they walk and ride along roads and trails, the land comes alive with meaning!

NATURE FOCUS : discover the planet, go on micro-adventures, document your experience.

Heritage Folk Fest

With EVERYTHING you’ve got by this point of your journey, you can put together a magical fairytale land experience.

VolunTEEN Fair

Yup. Volunteering can be the most awesome experience. Except – most adult organizations and institutions

  • don’t let kids and teens in
  • offer boring stuff only
  • behave boring

We can do better, following Volunteen Nation’s example. By this time down the list you’ll know your community, actions and media super well and have ideas galore.


You cannot imagine WHAT GAMES we can play together. Think of Minerva Mc Gonigals daughter – spinning tricks in this world as game master, terraformer and future scientist making everybody SuperBetter. Her name’s JANE and she re-defines streets, graveyards, libraries, your household and your very own mind into a playing field. Get ready to become really genius and add some years to your life. You will understand later.

Lifestyle Challenges

Life without plastic, without sugar, supermarkets, media… of peacemaking, vegan living… documenting your breakthroughs and breakdowns in brief daily posts – enjoying other people’s hilarious posts, helpful tips and more.

One week is not enough. Two are minimum. A month is best and earns you the full badge and more credits.

It’s surprisingly inspirational, even *positively* life-changing, also for family and friends; and a killer app to get your community involved.

Social Experiments

“Say Something Nice” – A note on a speaker’s stand with a mic on main square. What will happen? We’ve seen it on film and it’s beautiful. That’s just one example. Free Hugs is another. For pranksters, shameless lovers and rad changemakers busting limits.

Longer Programs

"Blue School"

Inspired by Robyn Hamlyn and the Blue Community Resolution (keep water public, make water a human right, ban bottled water), this program adapts “protecting our water” to school, with tons of creative, educationally precious activities around a water fountain : a monthly alternating exhibit co-created by arts and science classes across grades informing on water in the context of pertaining UN Theme Days : peace, cities, wetlands, rural women, food, oceans, biodiversity, families …it upgrades our worldview on water; forever.

Edible Landscapes

Lots of greenery, but we can’t eat it. Food deserts, sick residents, expensive and or poisoned foods, suboptimal school menus, children deprived of nature and family activities, estranged from nature, unwelcoming public spaces, street crime … ALL this can be solved by transforming streets, parks and public spaces into edible landscapes thriving with trees, brushes, fruits, herbs, managed by local schools, citizens, pensioners, arts centre community gardens as vibrant intergenerational spaces… it’s time! It’s simple, with win-wins on all sides!

Course on Youth Leadership

Principals have reacted to our skype meetings and workships with launching semester-long student powered middle school (age 12-15) courses on youth leadership, covering various topics : heroInes, causes, local issues, adaptation, turning passion into action, aligned with UN Days and local occasions. Using research, group work, public speaking, presentations, exhibits, media work…


offer excellent opportunity for focus on themes, with unusual angles, actions, connecting with schools, media, organizations and the greater public… students can form groups on favorite causes, co-organize actions for the entire class and school, using monthly UN Days and school fests as pinnacle events for a semester long stream of actions. It makes a non-formal curriculum, powered by our action guides, tools, UN calendar and badges … VIEW BELOW. Simple!

So many actions – where to begin? How to continue?

Your kick-off actions and tools above will give you lots of ideas. Also, once your actions send ripples through your community you will intuitively responding to local dynamics. But, a solid pace-setting global flow of actions also serves you well. Check it out:

Action Days Calendar

Fixed, foreseable dates like Easter and Christmas, with clearly defined topic focus, serve us well to plan + gather + co-organize actions. THAT’s what our Action Days do for our youth teams, teachers, parents, professionals, journalists and organizations.


on water, peace, girls, families, wetlands etc are our weekly string of pearls, our drumbeat of actions through the year. For each, we have several teen heroInes and mages (adult changemakers) with dozens of actions to choose from. THE MAGIC about this is the unique opportunity to connect with teachers, journalists, organizations and city to DO something ON this OCCASION. Get permission for presentations and exhibits at school/s. Upgrade news coverage from crisis to solutions, plus teen heroInes, local youth, vivid visuals and action calls. Get permission to act in public, on markets, streets, on main square, at the town hall. Meet and mobilize organizations for their highlight day of the year, to present, for conversations, implementing model solutions, boosting action on local issues and needs. Combine with news coverage! UN Day COMBOs boost your actions’ reach and impact manifold AND they help connect, foresee and plan actions AHEAD with all sorts of partners.

Epic School Fest

The puuurfect date for collective action … a School Year’s FINALE … mobilizing teachers across subjects, students across grades, clubs, also parents, school partners … to plan, prepare, ally and collab for a “Changemaker School Fest” type of event that’s super cool, and may very well expand into town, into the week-end, … and unite other schools, invite kindergartens … inviting organizations, journalists, YL speakers … celebrating teams’ achievements! honoring supportive teachers and parents! Will it even by multiple days, combined with the annual Project Week? You get the idea, right?

Local and National Events

Upgrade your local events with YOUTH ACTION.

You bring in exciting, youth vibes (fun, lively, loud, colorful!), meaning, vision, purpose and even interesting family activities and interactive interviews, exhibits, …

You benefit from lots of people, occasions to invite your crowd, fans and supporters (consider it your big fest without having to organize it!), connecting with (new) partners, presence, strong media interest, presence of town councillors; donors, funders and sponsors love that. Teachers and parents, too!

Occasions to join AND to create:

  • Spring of Sustainability
  • Apple Fest
  • Pancake Day
  • Christmas
  • Local Marathon
  • Halloween

Using our Action Guides varied actions on model solutions, backed by famous heroInes for UN Theme Days over 52 weeks, and combining all y/our tools, tricks and offers for local public events in fun, attractive ways for news media, is more powerful than you may imagine right now. And we are the first ones to use this to the fullest! Exciting!

Doing good things is what matters. But in today’s society, “official” badges play a significant role.
Also, we want to help you pave your path in the world. You deserve it, right?

Badges & Recognition

Here’s how your actions and missions translate into official recognition. These help using our tools and activities and evaluating student activities in “goal-oriented” education.


Earn real badges for completed missions.

  • designed and stored on the Mozilla Open Badges platform
  • personal account, your own Badges Backpack
  • share, download, use, attach to emails, pages, CVs…

Multi-level badges for bigger efforts and achievements



Vivid documentation of your activities is

  • highly recommended
  • part of YL club and clan activities


  • greater reach and impact
  • a precious positive news media experience

and for your personal benefit

  • presence in YL and news media
  • conveying your work, skills and achievements

… it’s a fantastic reference and part of your CV

Team Page CVs

Official club and warrior / clan pages track your

  • actions
  • achievements
  • encounters
  • media coverage

serving as resource for

  • fans and community
  • journalists
  • donors, funders, sponsors

and they make a CV of Awesome!

MORE Badges & Honors

In CG RISING, badges, credits, levels and honors also help track progress, achievements, your awesomeness and see how far you and others have travelled on the Warrior’s Path. Warriors do 3 missions per month. Imagine meeting a Warrior Level 10, 30, 60 or 100, and what impact, knowledge, skills and experience that it represents. A world of wide open opportunity!