What can be more awesome than spending one’s summers, Easters etc with fellow rockstar changemakers in epic nature with awesome activities?

It’s my dream for this generation to grow up with. #TheEndOfBoring

We live as changemakers at our schools, in our cities.

That’s a life of adventure, but we are limited in terms of moving around (school, age, money and stuff). Then, there’s the holidays … those can be terribly boring, because we are limited to a few friends, everybody else is hanging out in pools, or meaningless beach and skiing holidays for our parents to hang loose. 

#Boring #WasteOfTime #WeHaveAPlanetToSave #IWantMyHeroFriends

Instead – we can set off for adventure in the company of our species! Elves, wizards and beautiful beasts, and take our favorite sport, our reason for living, our ifetime mission and purpose to greater scale – we can learn more, go deeper, higher, live dreams beyond people’s imagination, dive into Paradise, walk the sacred soils of Lothlorien … and bond, cry, laugh, plan, team up with killaz like us, and return home in shining armour radiating with divine powers, and roll out a new season and conquer the world!

A normal summer camp doesn’t offer that. Awful. Eco camps? We are even overqualified as coaches, because the kids don’t have our priorities and experiences. We have to launch OUR OWN CAMPS. 

This experience also trains us to co-organize workshops and casual camps in our own regions … so we don’t always have to go to the big camps. But we all sure wanna go there a couple of times. And as soon as possible!

Earn your shirts, and earn your way to camp.

Your sponsors are waiting for you to show up!



This will kick off once we have active crews, clubs and clans across the continent.