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RESULTS : Rated Best Activity at School Fest. Principal establishes 3 youth leadership courses in the next semester

Our partner Marriot Foundation organized an 8 week youth empowerment course at a large Ludwigsburg high school. Students had never made the experience, and were little motivated and remained passive until YL Hero Posters and Videos were introduced. Fired up with interest and passion, students developed questions and agreed that this “hot news” was the best (most fun and easiest) project to organize for the upcoming School Action Day. In a whiffy, students developed ideas for pleasant display and engaging, simple interactions of readers with posters. Students interacted silently, typical bored german high schoolers that they are) but in a feedback round all teachers and students agreed that it was the highlight of the day, and the principal decided to launch

  • 3 courses on youth leadership
  • for 3 grades
  • in the next semester


  • Download your Pop-Up Poster Exhibit
  • Have fun, develop ideas for mobilizing and building your community
  • Add interactions,
  • Add action for favorite heroInes
  • Start conversations
  • Win allies
  • Organize follow-up
  • Harvest feedback with graphics and interviews
  • take good photos, share with us, social and news media