“Simply the most important phenomenon for young people today.”

You've seen a little bit of Teenage Hero/ines

… but there is so much more …

You're flashed by badass Changemakers

… but there’s so many more …

You have been Watching, but We need YOU to BE PART

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so dive in, and team up for action with the greatest changemakers alive!

“I never knew young people could do this. This gives me so much hope.”

Youth Leadership

“(training) young people as agents of change in their commu-nities” has been part of civic education in North America for fifty years. Detecting problems, planning projects, leading teams, trai-ning others to take over when one moves (like at Girl Scouts).

In today’s context of global learning, social media and escalating crisis, teenage heroInes pop up everywhere – changing lives, laws and industries at record scale – without training! Youth volunteer in historic numbers, score prime time on tv, are recognized as ultimate role models, showered with our societies’ highest awards, in high demand as speakers at schools, their stories are used in educational textbooks and told at bedtime.

It’s taking on sensational dimensions. We are seeing the game changer for our societies. For humanity. The future. Let’s rise!



An intro to teen heroInes and youth leadership essentails

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Your training to catch up with what’s going on for humanity, and #BeMoreAwesome

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“It makes me feel I want to get up and do something, too.”


of what kids and teens of today are doing


changes law; has made 30 city councils declare their city a “Blue Community” : water is public, a human right, bottled water is banned


turns grease into fuel, from 150 restaurants, generating $180,000 value, and changed local laws


and her 4,000 volunteers donate fresh food to the hungry; 20 tons per month, a 10-fold increase, and changes law


has 10+ million views on GMO-labelling, testing … and better, healthy alternatives


mobilized 150,000 people, forcing Girl Scouts to adopt better palm oil policies


took the streets, broke the media silence, leading to illegal ivory burning, and change of law : bans on ivory import, sales, closing carving stores


hikes and documents Britains natural and cultural heritage trails, calling to “Spend More Time In The Wild”


protects ecosystems, travels the planet, promotes vitality and life-friendly diet – and performs at yoga world championships


builds dozen of pre-school gardens

“This is sensational. This should be at all schools.”

Youth Leadership @ School

School is THE daily hangout of our entire global generation, for their ten formative years. 

Already, youth teams have made “creating a good world for all” part of learning culture at 12,000 schools. Teachers, parents and students are delighted, as these “high impact student clubs” help achieve school’s purpose:

“nurturing able, active, caring citizens of a democratic, libertarian society, that is also sustainable, and harmoniously collaborating with a global family of nations.”

It’s about time. That’s what we are up to, with you.


of Teachers feel more prof. fulfilled


of Students feel more self-confident


Inspire family, class, groups with a best-of selection of stories, videos, music, instant action and how to get started, with special focus on school

“The most energized lesson ever.

Even the most quiet ones had something to say.

Students are asking how they can get involved.”



there’s teams at 12,000 schools, involving 500,000 teens


via major events, tv, internet


to grow up with the finest heroInes on the planet today

“I want this in my City. Right now!”

Youth Leadership and You

Rejoice! Teenage changemakers are not “anomalies” but already an emerging mass phenomenon, a game-changer for shifting to a global, peaceful, just, thriving and sustainable civilization. 

You’re coming in at the right time! With today’s resources, sparking and cultivating youth leadership is simple, FUN, exciting, efficient, and a highly rewarding experience.

It’s not only good for the world, but also enriches your personal and professional life. You’ll discover it step by step!

We have lots of ways for getting involved, doing small and mighty things – with instant impact – backed by a global tribe. 

Choose your fav’s, grab your magic wands, and get started with flying banners. Welcome to the adventure!



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Year-round real-time action with today’s Gandhis and Griffindores.

For youth age 8-18
& adult allies

Pure epic

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We offer skype sessions, school presentations, workshops, speakers for conferences, events, camps…
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The Solutions Exist

by the 1,000s powered by ordinary people

School is THE place

for all Youth to grow up as Changemakers

Hero Role Models

are the key to upgrade human behavior

Adults. Please Wake up

because your dream for the kids is under threat

The Purpose of School

Do you know it? Make it real with us!

Act before Mega Crisis

Why wait and suffer? Be smart not stupid

Make the Kids Strong

or they will crack during global collapse

Why don't you love Young People?

I wish you would

Youth, be DIFFERENT from Adults today

or you will destroy Earth, and suffer horribly

Make Changemaking Your Sport

From Fan to Athlete

Don't Panic. Get Going!

Comprehend the Civilizational Shift