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There is a new thing happening, that we think you d like to know of : Youth Leadership – (training) “young people as change agents in their communities”.

Youth Leadership has been part of civic education in North America for fifty years. In today’s context of global, service- and project-oriented learning, social media and escalating crisis, it is taking on sensational dimensions. Young changemakers are popping up by the thousands across the continent, without “training”, as individuals, responding to critical needs, founding their own organizations, getting national media presence, and achieving where adults have failed for decades.

Follow me on a discovery tour to the real Hogwarts, meet youth wielding magic at different key levels.

Pay good attention! What teens can do in one place, teens everywhere can do. Each example comes with notes on highlights and what it means for you, us together and our planet. No one else will tell you these things.

Get comfy and grab your favorite drink. You haven’t seen this coming – and you’ll love it. Let’s go!


Project TGIF : Turn-Grease-Into-Fuel

Recycling used restaurant grease to biofuel, donating profits to social causes


Story Poster

Wow! This means ...

that youth can run businesses and social enterprises, generating 1,000’s of dollars for good causes, monthly. And it only takes a couple of hours per week.

Cassandra’s project can be replicate in a thousand other towns across North America still not recycling used grease. And there’s a lot of other countries in the world that don’t either. Do your research!

Cassandra’s example may be the most poignant to stress that youth leader success models are not to just give people a boost that youth do cool things, or just to inspire young people to believe in their own power to come up with good, relevant ideas.

No. You are not meant to wait until you’re old, neither are you meant to wait til you have your own Einstein stroke of genius. There is no need to re-invent the wheel! Take what works and take it to global scale! Implement this one, and then do the next. And the next. Starting with the solutions on this page.

Common sense : replication!

Within an hour or day, you can research your local grease, restaurant, recycling and ecofuel situation. If there is no proper recycling in place, you can find out all about setting up TGIF locally within a week. Within a month or two, with a few hours per week, you’ll have a running system, generating rolling business for social causes all year-round.

Now go check out what you are meant to do week after week, month after month as a member of our programs. This is about changing the world – at record pace!

Madi & Rhiannon

Project Orangs

making major companies end the use of hurtful, ecocidal palm oil.

Story Poster

Yesss! This means ...

that youth have the biggest power to change industries!

Adult organizations have tried in vain for decades. For good reasons that you can think of. I may have more reasons to add.

But early teens change everything. Their example make sus wake up makes their peers listen and feel empowered and understand what they are meant to do.

Industry – Kellogg’s – freaks out at the idea that kids pour a bowl of cereal waking up to the truth that this is created from eradicating species, burning state sized rainforests, with intense criminal energy glossed over by abominable comical adverts. That everyone at Kellogg’s is lying to them, and making them guilty of the destruction of the planet and everything we love. Only for a bowl of sweet mush that no one really needs.

Industry has responded big time (after blocking everything before) and “now, 90 percent of the world’s supply is bound under these deforestation-free commitments,” BUT THIS MEANS NOTHING “IN REALITY” because commitment is not a law, nor is it monitored or enforced … hence, “there is NO sustainable palm oil today”, and industry has not even gone 5% of the way, and continues at full pace to destroy the planet, only pouring more gloss over it with meaningless labels, without any positive effect especially on the source countries where environmental awareness is low, illegal fires rage worse than ever, activists get murdered … and the industry moves to conquer other countries!

Common sense : replication! This model needs to be taken global and amplified a million times in all schools!

This means that you know what to do – about palm oil, and also about all the other food copies destroying our planet, the poisons in water, our bodies, the abuse of children, the profiteering of war … all the things you know are wrong and don’t want in the world!

It’s in your hands, and Madi has even created an Action Handbook for youth with all the action wisdom she has gained. Read it here.

Also, read this splendid article on the bigger picture of her work and what tools she has since been adding, with essentials for making young people feel part of a large movement, thus boosted for taking on big tough stuff.



“Blue Community Resolution”

protecting clean water for our and future generations at local levels by passing a 3-pronged resolution: keeping / re-making water public, making it a human right and banning bottled water

Story Poster

Wowzer, this means ...

… several super important things. Listen up, we are talking of world class breakthrough innovation that everybody needs to be fully aware of from today:

1. Youth can change laws.

Also Cassandra has changed local legislation about grease recycling. So do others. But this example is of a higher order.

2. Robyn implements what adults have tried in vain for decades!

3. Robyn does what adults have not even tried – don’t have the courage, heart and honor to do!

By now, everybody has heard that we have to protect water from pollution and crime

  1. to keep it public and safe from turbulent speculations
  2. to make it a human right; to end all pollution
  3. to ban bottled water; to end local exhaustion of water aquifers and obscene amounts of waste

bringing peace, security and abundance to our homes and communities, ecosystems and animal realm

4. Youth can implement adult solutions!

like the “Blue Communities” Resolution, designed by Maude Barlow, leader of the Council of Candians, a champion of citizen rights and water at the UNITED NATIONS.

Too many people think we should only present teen-powered activities to youth. No! We have to show them adult solutions, because

  1. those big solutions give bigger vision and hope for societal transformation
  2. youth can implement them
  3. youth are more successful than adults in implementing them

5. Youth are more successful at implementing adult solutions!

The “Blue Community” Resolution is a priority project of the Council of Canadians, Canada’s main, national citizen network. At age 13, Robyn is their most determined, active and successful ambassador – by far.

There are reasons. This doesn’t minimize her example. In fact, it screams at wielding these reasons!

Common sense : Replication!

It’s fine to celebrate Robyn, but this is needed in every city on the planet. And right now.

Think about what happens today, as adult generations watch in apathy as decision-makers in government and business create

  • 90% of water polluted in El Salvador
  • 90% of water in Palestine polluted
  • Millions made sick by polluted water in Flint, Michigan
  • Militarized police presence and violence against peaceful protectors at Standing Rock Reservation
  • sell small water bottles at $6 after a cyclone polluted local water in Australia
  • give away enormous amounts of fresh, clean water practically for free to (foreign) corporations, who ab-use it, pollute it, for mining, fracking, bottling and selling it at obscene profit … – leaving the local communities impoverished, with water shortage and long-term pollution

In short, Mordorian invasion by large corporations earning billions to a handful of people, while destroying local ecosystems and economies, causing loss of inner peace, domestic peace, and causing conflict.

This is the time to end it.

Robyn says “Adults have too many hang-ups.”

Only youth can save the world and create the world they wish to see.

Robyn rose after viewing the film “World Water Wars” at school.

Don’t be the problem murdering the planet.

There is no need to re-invent the wheel.

You have the model in your hands now. It is implemented by 13 year olds.

Start using it.

Imagine ...

if all youth at every school and city simply implemented these 3 solutions – without thinking too complicated, but simply doing it, with a very narrow focus – and then took the lessons learned to related fields. It will make immense changes and instantly create major attention, momentum and support for more.

We offer dozens more solutions to take action from many angles.

We also offer lots of tools for mobilizing people and making changemaking part of daily life at school, of learning culture.

Here is what that looks like.

Craig Kielburger

Charity, children’s rights, sustainability … and student club action en masse!

Story Poster


this means that determined youth – in their role as students

  • can make changemaking part of daily life for hundreds of their peers
  • as well as teachers and parents
  • … and beam learning culture into the 21st century
  • with ripple effects across their communities
  • to schools, organizations and media

using simple tools and activities like presentations, exhibits, petitions, fundraisers and campaigns.

You’ve seen it. 

You’ve also seen how well teachers, journalists and donors respond.

Our experience over 10 years in 70 countries is that everywhere exist youth, teachers, parents and adult allies loving to get involved.

Youth Leadership At School

introduced & powered by students

integral part of learning culture

As Cassandra, Craig and We Day show,

youth leadership is integral part of learning culture at thousands of schools, involving millions of students, with 25,000 teachers, field trips, summer camps, a dream come true for good teachers, caring students, parents and the greater community. It is introduced and managed by students part of youth-powered organizations. The scope of activities is immense.

Can you imagine some youth-led actions at school? Make a quick list in your mind, on a sheet or board.

Here’s some from us, for a more complete and memorable vision.

The Superpowers of Young People at School

are very simple, and clearly visible from the stories and videos above.

Youth are also students, and in combination they can wield tremendous superpowers that adults do not have:

  • daily macro-community of 100’s or even 1,000’s – accessible in class, forum, recess, projects, clubs
  • reaching everybody – whether directly involved or not, shaping positive worldview on youth, themselves, peers, humanity, our future, and solution-oriented thinking
  • also reaching teachers and parents – with above effects and tapping into their potentials at workplaces, professions, finance, knowledge…
  • free infrastructure – rooms, projectors, printing, school fest
  • free support – from teachers, parents, trainers
  • genuine spirit – shining, pure, honest, a sense of fun and adventure
  • good public status – as student club
  • good media presence – as youth taking positive action, sensational heroInes
  • good support from donors
  • win-win benefits – augment school days with fun, respect from teachers, design your own projects for grades, make fabulous friends across grades and schools, live adventure, make lifelong memories, develop ace skills, alliances across generations, meet at eye-level or higher with stakeholders, journalists, … build the most powerful visual CV…

and most of all : TIME

  • hours per day – living passion for positive change as their “sport”, like gamers, musicians, athletes do; starting the day reading latest heroIne stories, signing petitions, planning actions already before they drop off at school, and until they go to bed
  • whole days on week-ends – as others do tournaments
  • for 10+ years of their most dynamic and forming years

YL and CG Rising make you wield them to the max!

For you, this means ...

that you can get started today

  • dreaming up your favorite causes
  • inspiring friends and school
  • organizing first actions

Welcome to your new life!


More HeroInes

To broaden your understanding on causes, heroInes, solutions and initiatives happening, to join and replicate, browse a few more heroInes. Here is a little selection from our core line-up.

The kids you see here all operate independently

It’s their own organizations. We know them and their parents, ordinary adults without experience in the field, some freaked out when their kids got started going big and public. However, they sensed the seriousness and felt they must not interfere, simply observe, grow, learn, trusting their kids’ innate guidance and support on demand.

Craig shared a nice anecdote.

After founding Free The Children with his classmates at age 12, he decided on a first necessary. He declared to his parents that he had decided to go meet the children, hear their words, and make a documentary. He would travel to India and Pakistan for 3 months and miss the first weeks of the next school years. He had it all figured out. And he didn’t want them to cme with him, He wanted to go alone.

After a minute of silence, his mother gently responded

“Craig, we are very proud of you and your determination and goals. But see, you do not find your way on the subway to get into town. There is no way we will let you travel to India, alone.”

3 months later, Craig teamed up with the family’s friend Alan, in his early twenties, and together they traveled to India. And Craig shapes history.

We will publish some neat testimonials of parents. You can tell from some stories and the causes the youth tackle, that parents are not exactly delighted at the thought of their kids being attacked by industry or having to deal with death threats.

Session Segment Activity Guide

Next, let’s look a little deeper what we can do with this.

  • Browse these heroInes
  • Select your favorite cause
  • form groups on favorite causes (if you are in a group presentation)

and study the pertaining story poster, video/s, Action Guide, then

  • compose a Mission Statement along “We are taking action on …., like …., by doing …, …, …. until we have achieved …., and we call on you to get involved by (date) …, by (doing) …, …., …. and then (final step, phase, follow-up) ….

You see … we are not talking of a few ‘anomalies’ or geniuses. These are ordinary kids standing up and doing what they feel and know is right to do. It is not a ‘movement’, initiated, led or steered by someone.

This is a new natural phenomenon occurring because of a certain context in this history of humankind, and it comes at the right time. To save the day.

Take a moment to imagine this at every school. All this. This is much bigger even from the student clubs actions you’ve seen above. Check it out.

What differs YL from the WE Schools program?

WE is awesome. No question about it. Craig and Marc have made history, and maybe we are the first to actually call it this way. They have changed the image of youth activism and made youth leadership part of learning culture at thousands of schools. They have conquered streets, schools and media like no one in history. World champions. They have broken the ground.

This is what we build on, for additional dimensions.

WE Schools nurtures service-learning, with a focus on a dozen issues, basic needs and charity. As important as access to schools and water, creating harmony among youth are … they are bandaids to bad governance. They do not transform the destructive, unsustainable system.

Also, WE focusses on their own scope of speakers, who are inspirational, but they don’t lead tangible model solutions for others to take and replicate.

Think of their clubs in 12,000 schools doing what Cassandra, Robyn and Gabrielle are doing. What Rachel, Madi and Rhiannon do.

It adds social business, social entrepreneurships, changes laws and industries.

And 100+ more teen and adult changemaker solutions.



What's life like with such a student club?

Imagine just 1 or 2 youth per class joining the team. That makes 50 to 100 per school. Whow. What a clan! Equipped with those mega magic wands for a constant stream of activities in class, a school and beyond, like you’ve seen above. And your own ideas!

It takes a week or month to establish Cassandra’s TGIF. Imagine 10,000 teams scoring $1000 per month – going to causes and campaigns in the network. It takes a month to set up Donate Don’t Dump. To turn the city into a “Blue Community”. And then – the next major project! While your friends are working on their focus causes, and you join them for the pinnacle activities, like a Saturday noon fundraiser on a farmer’s market, or a sponsor run they have prepared.

Your team can implement not one mega solution as our heroInes, but dozens in a single year!

Imagine the fun, the skills, the memories, the friendships, the people you’ll meet, the headlines, the impact … it will bear so many surprises it is literally unimaginable, just one thing is for sure : It will be awesome!

Just think of the skills, the experience, the self-confidence, the recognition, the addition to CVs … and wow, you can keep this going for all your years at school. Geez, you’ve been missing out until today. Well, you’ve got it all in front of you.

YOUTH-LEADER media, social media and the CHANGE GENERATION RISING program with live collaboration with the heroInes you’ve seen and more are freely accessible on the internet, open to everyone who cares and dares.

We’re on a speedrun to a bright new world. We are creating the world we want.

We can do this in record time.

It’s in your hands. You just have to get started and join the tribe. Millions are playing.



Every novel generation has its sound. The 20s, the 50s, 60s, 90s. But there vibes do not help us a bit to master the challenges of our time. Where is the music expressing the spirit of youth saying “this is our planet, our future, and we will not permit that everything we love be destroyed”?

This music has appeared.

It is different from anything we’ve heard before.

It’s composed by early teens, who are at the same time successful activists + wildly talented artists + have indigenous roots.

Get a taste of true Change Generation music!

Story Poster : Meet the Artists

Session Segment Activity Guide



Share your thoughts and feelings

Teacher & Student Feedback Poster

Double page from TYG Booklet

Session Segment Activity Guide

Value, shared passion, values, respect for changemakers, decision for causes, activities, discipline, passion


Turn new found knowledge and passion into action

Form a Team!

Do you love what you’ve seen? Form a group of friends, a student club, after school club, explore more, learn and wield that magic in action. Never stop!

Tell Everyone!

Inform hundreds, at home, schools, youth clubs, organizations, your parents’ workplace and events – simply using the Presentation Kit, providing the same experience that you have just experienced.

Instant Impact!

Boost fav HeroInes with donations and a fundraiser right now.

A Field Partnership

Select one of our teen heroInes abroad for a longer-termed collaboration, discovering various angles of inter-action and seeing success unfold.

Then - More!

Join for free with Change Generation Rising and join our full scope of year-round actions, aligned with United Nations Days, earning badges and more.

The First Big Actions!

Organize the next session. This time deepening your exploration of causes and solutions, using the Project & Campaign Pack … with a stunning Roadmap tool, first closely following heroInes’s footsteps, discovering 100+ simple magic tricks they use, and then use the same for designing projects. Power to You!

Organize Exhibits

Create Poster Exhibits for long-term presence at schools, public libraries, public space, parents’ workplaces, cafes, fests… add a table, videos, music, your passionate self, involve the audience in actions, invite journalists for photos, interviews, score loads of readers!

Session Segment Activity Guide


The Bigger Picture - Youth Are Not Alone - Adult Solutions

The civilizational shift to people-powered co-creation of a good world for everybody is happening at all levels.

Millions of adults run groundbreaking solutions with wild success!

A handful of websites alone offers 3,000 huge, proven solutions. How many can you imagine your city or region needs?

This greater context gives us even greater hope, since truly, a huge wave is uplifting humanity to the next level of civilization. To thriving, sustainable societies of peace, joy and abundance of our collective design.

Keep in mind :

Youth can push, spread and implement adult solutions!

By learning from adult changemaker platforms, your scope of actions becomes unlimited. With YL, you have the best of both spheres!

A Note on Today's Civilizational Transformation

… that the shift that we are experiencing is from centralized to de-centralized to distributed.

Here is an example showing you how profound this change IS:

“Centralized” decision-making in a society is monarchy, a king. This gradually softened up to “de-centralized” forms, early democracies. Those democracies were created to create compromise between extreme opposing special interest groups, such as : monarchists, workers, religions, fascists, environmentalists. Palaces have become museums. It went fast.

This “party democracy” model, bugged by dishonorable egoistic interests and corruption, is now coming to its end. Note, that democracy is “co-creative decision-making for the common greater good”. That’s not practiced by political special interest groups, or “parties” today. In fact …

You notice how specific power groups have been turning the wheel back to “monarchy” – focussing government on one person only, styled up as messiah king or demon king, depending on what side you sit, but both are wrong; the messiah kings have proven to do nothing better… only putting people to sleep with their comedian, babyface or lipstick smiles, while also secretly and openly eroding citizen rights, en masse fast-tracking, omnibus-billing laws no one wants, impoverishing the people, ignoring chronic illness at mass scale, turning public goods earned through revolutions back into private hands – closed to the public, like the forests belonged to the shining “nobles”, as well as re-installing the kings favorite play : war – as normal, and creating myths about other peoples as evil. You see it all play out live on television. 

But there’s good news: Just like dying organisms, the old civilizational model of empire (pretending that others are different, as a justification of subjugating them and feeding on them), is making its last big breath before – dying. 

This is our era right now as – unmistakenly – as new, thriving, fun and sustainable models are rising on all sides.

As we are continuing to evolve to “co-creative decision-making for the common greater good”, parliaments will soon be museums (or rather dance halls, since who wants to visit those places) as we are moving from “de-centralized” to “distributed”.

This distributed model is coming up big time in the form of “blockchain” technology, you may have heard of it via bitcoin, and a model to make de-/centralized “banks” obsolete. But that’s just one form. Blockchain will change dozens of major fields, including – governance.

Listen up, because you are dissatisfied with how “politics” are happening today. But you don’t really know how this is going to be changed. Here is a general idea, so that you know that “civilizational shift” doesn’t mean a few solar panels!

At the level of our life in a group, community or society, “distributed” means that all cells of the societal body participate in decision-making … being knowledgible, competent, responsible and active in implementing the decisions of “what we want society to be like”.

The old model of being a powerless subject to “the blue-blooded, elected leaders or idols” and victim to their hurtful, egoistic decisions is coming to an end. Not the king will be the sovereign, but you and everybody else will be sovereign. This is not anarchy or chaos, because people will be smart. And kind. But this requires you to level up!

The new lifestyle where well can live common sense and the good life we all agree about requires us to be people able to inhabit and qualify for inhabiting such a society. And first of all we have to bring it about! There once was a first generation inhabiting a democracy.

We are to be the first generation to be active, co-creative Fair Citizens in a society of peace and abundance for all. Responsibility is no longer shifted away to others. Responsibility can be a heavy thing when feeling incompetent, never having tested one’s limits, evolved one’s skills… but project-oriented creative learning evolves those skills …. and as confidence in oneself and others grows, responsibility becomes lightweight and super fun, with many Hi5 and celebration!

Note, that

  • these new models are rapidly emerging, and much enjoyed by those living them, while
  • the old tyrannic, violent, deceiving model is going crazy with unbridled violence and destruction, and no one enjoys it, not even those who vote it into power by clinging to obsolete myths

The new model is totally different. It is already happening in many places:

  • Volunteer facilitators involve all citizens in how to evolve the city
  • Citizens decide on how the city’s financial budget is used
  • There are “liquid” models of online-based democracy at regional and planetary levels
  • Harming ecosystems is a crime, putting managers, investors and heads of state on trial and in prison
  • Profiteering from war is a crime, ending wars faster than you imagine
  • Animals, rivers and the Earth have citizenship status and rights
  • Every decision must respect the rights of seven future generations

All this is already happening by individual cells.

Now you know.

This shift right now is like than from monarchies to democracies. Just way bigger.

That is the REALLY BIG DEAL!

There is nothing to fear. It will be awesome.

All you have to do is not cling to the old hurtful model, but fly high up with the new!

So learn to spread and flap your wings.

This is what YL and Change Generation Rising are for.

You see the benefits on this very webpage.

Welcome to a Bright New World!

Happy Birthday!